Japanese Kitchen: photos, dishes and recipes of Japanese cuisine

Kitchen of Japan

Kitchen of Japan

Kitchen Japanese original and unique (the products are subjected to a minimum heat treatment to maximally preserve their natural taste and appearance).

The national cuisine of Japan

Leading role in Japanese cuisine is givenrice (its supply is in a separate container as a separate side dish was observed), which is not salted, but served with various condiments and sauces.

The Japanese love fish and seafood: despite the fact that there are recipes that make seafood carefully processed, they are often consumed raw (sashimi - slices of raw fish with wasabi and soy sauce). As a side dish or snack often act dried seaweed, mushrooms, tofu, cucumber, radish.

Popular Japanese cuisine:

  • "Tempura" (fish in batter);
  • "Kusiyaki" (skewers of grilled seafood and fish);
  • "Nikujaga" (meat stew with potatoes and onions);
  • "Norimaki" (a dish of stuffed Japanese rice and fish, which are wrapped in sea kale).

Where to try the national cuisine?

If you want to try sushi, keep in mind,that "sushi from the chef" can be quite expensive, so in order to save is better to order assorted sushi and sashimi ( "moriavase") or buy them in Kaiten where plates of sushi "move" on the conveyor belt (Visitors can independently take everything like).

In Tokyo, you can visit the "Kyubey" (the Japaneserestaurant specializes in various kinds of sushi, rolls and sashimi), Sapporo - "Aji No Tokeidai" (specialty of the house - a classic noodle ramen) or "Hanamaru" (here like sushi lovers and other national treats), Kyoto - "Omen Ginkakuji Honten "(budget restaurant, where you can taste the noodles with a variety of spices and sauces) or" Tsujiri Honten "(sweet tooth will enjoy here feast on Japanese tea and sweets), in Osaka -" Ippudo "(signature dish - noodle soba, and in addition, there Japanese dishes prepared by original recipes).

Cooking classes in Japan

Who in Tokyo ( "Sushi Academy") maylearn the art of making sushi at both the short and on the full professional course (it has the opportunity to attend private lessons or take advantage of evening courses). It is worth noting that there are often conducted online master classes by renowned chefs. Those who want to learn about the Japanese traditions of cooking, in Osaka offered to enroll in the Culinary Academy Tsuji (classes are held in English). If your goal is a couple of hours to learn how to cook several dishes Kyoto cuisine, you can recommend to look at cooking courses in Kyoto house Waku Waku Kan.

To come to Japan, you can at the time ofMushroom festival (October) or the Autumn Festival (Sapporo, September), which is dedicated to gastronomy, so visitors will wait for master classes and tastings.


  • Kitchen of Japan
  • Kitchen of Japan
  • Kitchen of Japan

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