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Restaurants in Japan

Restaurants in Japan

Land of the Rising Sun - one of the mostexotic and mysterious in the representation of the Russian traveler. Language is a complete stranger, instead of letters - characters, and is not too clear, even the usual eye kitchen cutlery is not used. In fact, it turns out that all these rolls, sushi and sashimi, and the Europeans have long been familiar, that's only restaurants in Japan are preparing them for real.

Three whales and hundreds of fishes

The main three products, without which it is not possibleJapanese cuisine - is fish, rice and seaweed. For basic components are added to hundreds of other ingredients - from fungi to the roots of the lotus and bamboo shoots to the fern stems. But to make the dish turned out really Japanese, have to apply a lot of the secrets of eastern cuisine, chief among them - cooking just before serving. Virtually all the Japanese restaurants, there is a place where you can sit and watch the chefs conjure with the preparation of your order.

Flour choice

In the Land of the Rising Sun all enterprisesFood is divided into two conditional groups. The first offers a wide range of dishes, while the latter specialize in one thing. The first type of restaurants in Japan - this family cafe where you can taste not only local, but also Chinese food and establishments with a business lunch, and snack bars, offering at the same time a huge list of dishes in small portions.
Specialised restaurants in Japan are divided in turn into several main groups:

  • Sushi-ya, which serves all kinds of sushi. Sit possible as a separate table, and behind the bar where the sushi chef works.
  • Kaiten-sushi - with the same range, but havinga conveyor belt, where the guests take their favorite masterpieces. At the end of the meal count the number of meals eaten, the price of each of which is determined by the color of the plates, where the food was. The average bill is about the price of haircuts in a normal child hairdressing salon in Tokyo.
  • Okonomiyaki-ya - restaurants in Japan, where tablesmounted brazier, where guests themselves fried tortillas themselves with a variety of ingredients of your choice. This dish is called Japanese pizza and fast food feel.
  • Fugu Restaurant serves deadlyfish, which is eaten every year in the country not less than ten thousand tons. Local cooks can be trusted with such a turnover of poison they "manage" poison just a couple of visitors a year.


  • Restaurants in Japan
  • Restaurants in Japan
  • Restaurants in Japan

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