Taxi in Japan - price, order. How much is a taxi in Japan

Taxis in Japan

Taxis in Japan

Catch a taxi in Japan - simple. According to estimates, the roads of the country runs more than 250 thousand cars, of which about 35 thousand - in the capital. Car Coloring is not regulated by any rules. Instead of the usual eye "shashechek" roof car logo adorns the carrier company. To determine free taxi or can be employed by the luminous inscription behind the windscreen. If busy - the light is red, and the free car shines green.

Stop the taxi by raising their hands. In some areas, such as Tokyo and Ginza, there are specially equipped stopping places where people take place and awaiting the arrival of cars. Such items can be seen at the hotel, next to each railway station.

Price services

The fare in Japanese taxis is high enough. In addition, there are a number of features that need to know the passenger:

  • landing in a taxi costs 600 yen (average), then the counter will add 90 yen every 300 meters;
  • in a traffic jam becomes effective rate "expectation". Every 1 minute 45 seconds on such fare will cost 90 yen. This is true for any forced lowering speeds of up to 10km / h;
  • at night the tariff is increased by 20% and 30% after 22:00 and 23:00, respectively;
  • if the taxi moves on the paid section of the road to take on the costs of payment services will have a passenger;
  • offering the driver a tip is not accepted and is considered impolite.
  • Call a taxi by phone by dialing the number 81 75842121 (office Yasaka Taxi) or by using the application Samurai Taxi.
  • Features a taxi in Japan

    English is far from the majority of driversperfection. In order to guarantee to get to your destination, it is better to have a card or a note with the name of the hotel or address in Japanese. In some cases, the driver may be asked to provide direction on the map or navigator. In the capital and other big cities, taxis are often equipped with an automatic translator.

    Taxi drivers are dressed in uniform and mandatoryAccessory - white gloves. Some companies require the carriers of their employees to wear gauze masks. This is due to increased suspiciousness many passengers.

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    • Taxis in Japan
    • Taxis in Japan
    • Taxis in Japan

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