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Tourism in Japan

Tourism in Japan

Surprisingly harmonious combination of ancientbeliefs, traditions and high-tech modern Japanese life mysteriously affects any guest from the west, and at the same time is one of the attractions for tourists.

As a relatively new phenomenon for the country, tourismJapan, however, every season is gaining momentum, attracting thousands of fans here ancient Japanese philosophy and culture, as well as the unusual architecture. Entertaining children's parks created on Japanese land will soon be able to outshine their European and American counterparts. A lot of good things on the trip to Japan, can not outweigh the two small minus, namely, the distance from the world powers and the high cost of tours.

Precautionary measures

The Japanese are mostlylaw-abiding citizens, so tourists can not worry too much about their security. In this country, the difficulty lies elsewhere: Lost, tourist risking long wander around the city in search of the man speaking in English.

Should immediately contact the nearestpolice officer, even if he does not talk to a tourist in one language. His responsibilities include helping lost guests Japan. You can certainly try to find their way on the road signs and inscriptions in the Metro that are duplicated in Latin letters.

National hotels

For many visitors to this exotic country beginsalready at the hotel in the universe, with the proviso that they choose "ryokan", equipped according to the national traditions. Also, in such a place to stay the hotel offers half-board menu only dishes of national cuisine. Therefore, to begin acquaintance with Japan can, without leaving the hotel.

Although tourists may well choose a hotel with all the usual range of services, regardless of its star. The 3 * hotels, as a rule, small rooms, very compact but perfectly equipped.

Japanese souvenir

As gifts are leaving tourists take awaydolls dressed in traditional costume of the samurai or geisha, fan, ceramic or porcelain interior, often with a pattern of cherry blossoms gently.

Japanese animation, so-called anime,which has become very popular in recent years, will appreciate the variety of souvenirs on the subject. Huge selection of magazines, posters, posters, T-shirts, CDs and other souvenirs.

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  • Tourism in Japan
  • Tourism in Japan
  • Tourism in Japan

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