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Traditions of Japan

Traditions of Japan

Japanese culture has long been formed inrelative isolation from the influence of the surrounding countries, which greatly contributed to the location of the island state. Only in the middle of the XIX century traditions of Japan begun diluted customs of neighboring Malaysia, China, Korea, and the twentieth century brought some cultural characteristics from the west: from the Old World and the United States. The basic principle of Japanese cultural traditions - the admiration of nature and attitude to it as a living being.

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One of the arts of Japan - calligraphicletter. Possession of calligraphy at all times was a sign of a cultured man, and writing styles perfected monks in Buddhist religious centers. No less famous and became a traditional Japanese washi paper that UNESCO is even included in the list of World Cultural Heritage. Until now, Japan's traditions prescribe the use of washi for writing and origami, production of jewelry, stencils and screens.

About beautiful ladies

Japanese women are known for the ability to carry all over the worldkimono. National clothing Land of the Rising Sun is still possible to meet in the subway and in a department store, and a movie theater. The beautiful half of the Japanese nation is particularly modest behavior, especially if men are close by. Dressed in a kimono Japanese woman is always a little behind her husband and colleagues, it is not accepted to skip forward or have other signs of attention, the traditional relations between the sexes.
But the finances in the family disposed of itfemale. Only she knows how much is spent on this or that purchase. Interested in prices and, moreover, dispute that a man, according to the Japanese tradition, are not allowed.

Good manners

The Japanese are not welcome too noisy behavior, active gestures or loud expression of his own feelings. They like it if guests:

  • Expressed his gratitude to a slight bow.
  • Will carry a business card, which is accepted to share in any situation.
  • Will they be able to cope with traditional chopsticks and leave a knife and fork for European dishes.
  • Will hand over a gift in response to a greeting from the locals.
  • Follow the given word or liability, what difficulties it would not be followed.

The concepts of debt in Japan is not just traditionIt occupies a special place, but are determined by a special term "weights". This is a common social norm of behavior, or a debt of honor, so you can be sure that the people in the country of the Rising Sun always keep the promise.


  • Traditions of Japan
  • Traditions of Japan
  • Traditions of Japan

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