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Japan Trains

Japan Trains

Railway Japan Post is the mosthighly developed in the world. Japan Train - this is the main transportation for locals. Speed ​​compositions provide communication between regions and localities. The most famous trains in the world include the Shinkansen or "bullet-train". State Railways became private in 1987. Today, they are divided into the following groups: JR HOKKAIDO, JR SHIKOKU, JR WEST, JR KYUSHU, JR CENTRAL and JR EAST.

What a train there in Japan

High-speed trains are designated Nozomi. During the movement they make a minimum number of stops. Their speed reaches 320 km / h. On the routes of the train tickets are expensive. More slowly go Hikari trains. Their speed is 270 km / h, and in the way they make many stops. The slowest trains in Japan are Kodama. They make stops at all major stations. Technological symbol of the country are the high-speed trains Sinkaseny, which is the average speed of 300 km / h and the maximum is considered ultra-high.

The railway network with these trains coverthe entire country. Trains different futuristic design. High-speed trains in Japan began to be used even in 2007. Since then they have continuously developed. Currently, the foundation of railway transport up train Shinkansen.

Train schedule in Japan is available athyperdia.com. Compositions moving rail with a slight interval of 30 minutes. A ticket for an adult one way costs about $ 130. Children's ticket costs twice cheaper. Travel by train differ more comfort than flights to the local aircraft. Railway stations in the cities located in the center, which is also convenient for passengers.

Conditions for passengers

Tickets for the train in Japan are highlyvalue. However, the journey is quite pays off: the passengers are guaranteed maximum comfort and pleasant stay during a short trip. High-speed trains have soft movement at the expense of new shock absorbers and air springs. Trains for long distances, are formed only sleeping cars type. Almost all the compartments in them are private and have a different structure. There is a bedroom for two, a coupe with seating, coupled with luxurious furnishings and others. The compact coupe equipped with a shower, sink and toilet. Regardless of the type of train, it is equipped with comfortable seating and vending machines for drinks. In addition to high-speed trains in the country there are regular trains, tickets for which cost less.


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