Almaty Coat: photo, value. Description Almaty Coat of Arms

Almaty Coat of Arms

Almaty Coat of Arms

Many cities have their own coats of arms of Kazakhstan,It combines them correct geometric shape - circle, as well as the Kazakh national symbols, used in the images. Coat of Almaty, the former capital of the state, also made in the shape of a circle, and its central image became a snow leopard.

Faithful and his coat of arms

The first title, the Faithful, the city received in 1885, as well as the status of the regional center. He was the center of the field Semirechensk and used as the official symbol of its coat of arms.

The author of the first in the history of the coat of arms of the city becamearchitect Paul Lurie. He developed a sketch was very colorful, it can be seen in the photo, and multifaceted. The following important details stand out among the elements of the coat of arms of Almaty:

  • a shield divided into three parts, each with its own elements;
  • wreath of branches and apple fruit bound a scarlet ribbon;
  • apple, crowning composition.

the shield is divided into three unequal parts,top, biggest, Lurie posted snow-white castle with open gate, since the city was first Faithful strengthening. In the bottom half of the coat of arms divided in half, right side of the crescent placed on the left a golden cross.

Traveling through the pages of history

Next a coat of arms of faithful received in 1908year, the same heraldic symbol again used for Semirechensk area. Its composition is much easier to place images dark red shield inverted crescent. A shield decorated with the head of the eagles, symbols of the Russian Empire.

In Soviet times, it is clear that the eagles had disappeared,coat looked like an ordinary icon. Was used symbolically, as the city souvenirs. But there is another, also a symbolic emblem of the city, and the town was called at that time already Alma-Ata. And in this new coat of arms can be seen an apple, as the name of the city translates very tasty - "apple father."

Modern heraldic symbol

In 1993, in Alma-Ata held a competition for the bestCoat of Arms of the sketch, the winner was the artist Sh.Niyazbekov. The shape of the emblem, he proposed, - it is a circle, the center of a blue background, the national flag.

At the edge of the coat of arms depicted elements shanyrak socalled uyka nest. The next circle includes national Kazakh ornamental motifs and the inscription - "Almaty" (the name of the city has changed little).

The central character of the emblem of Almaty - the snow leopard,one of the most beautiful animals living in the country. Raptor holds in teeth a bunch consisting of flowering branches of apple, reminiscent of the southern capital title. In the background - a beautiful mountain landscape.


  • Almaty Coat of Arms

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