Prices in Almaty - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Almaty

Prices in Almaty

Prices in Almaty

Many tourists tend to Almaty tolook at the picturesque panorama of the city. Its streets look very modern, since they are built architectural buildings in the European style. Megapolis is surrounded by green landscapes and its history goes back many centuries. Prices in Almaty interested travelers the most.

The cost of rooms in hotels of Almaty

For tourists operate hotels, hotels andHostels. The hotel chain is very well developed and presented to hotels of different categories: from small complexes economy class to five star hotels. In the hostel you can stay in very affordable prices there are much lower than in a hotel. The hostel offers comfortable rooms, designed for 2-10 people at a time. If we consider the economy class hotels, then there is room "suite", "Standard", "luxury". Tourists are offered all the amenities and extras. Some hotels use to attract guests promotions and offer discounts. Even cheap hotels in Almaty are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay. Standard room can be rented for 5000 tenge. Apartments much more expensive - about 20 thousand tenge.

What to bring from Almaty

Resting in Kazakhstan's largest city, touristspurchase souvenirs and trinkets to remember. Popular products such as mantovarke cognac "Kazakhstan", turbot, wall hangings, dolls, Kazakhs, takiya, camels figures of felt mats and others. Having bought brandy, pick him or chocolate leather case "Kazakhstan". This chocolate can be found in any store Almaty. Tourists also acquire silver jewelery in traditional style. Especially beautiful are wide and large bracelets - bilezik that are inlaid and gilt.

What products to buy in Almaty

In the tradition of the local people ishospitality. Guests are invited for lunch and dinner, offering them a taste of Kazakh cuisine. The basis of many national dishes are meat and dairy products. Kazakhs themselves eating a lot. If you are invited to a restaurant or to visit, you will sit at dastarkhan - low table. Guests are invited to tea, poured hot tea with milk. To it serves oriental sweets, irimshik, kurt, chak-chak and other treats. After the tea is usually served beshbarmak who eat with their hands. From hot meat dishes Kazakhs offer boiled meat, kuyrdak (fried liver, heart, kidney and lung) and other dishes. Prices for food in Almaty are quite low.


  • Prices in Almaty

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