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Tours in Almaty

Tours in Almaty

This is the largest city of the Republic of Kazakhstan isthe informal name of the southern capital of the country and in fact it is a cultural, financial and economic center. Until 1997, when the capital was moved to Astana, Almaty and was the government of the republic. The ancient city has not enjoyed too much popularity among travelers, although tours in Almaty can tell a lot about the past and present of Kazakhstan.

History and geography

South Kazakh capital is located at the foot ofRange Trans-Ili Alatau. Its history goes back many centuries, and the earliest settlements with a similar name mentioned in these parts in VIII century. Ancient Almaty was located on the Great Silk Road, but because the development of the city was going fast enough.

Briefly about the importance

  • City takes place in the list of thirty the most expensive in the world for foreigners.
  • Most environmental problem for the southern capital of Kazakhstan is able. Located in the foothills of the basin, the city is suffering from excessive gas contamination.
  • Continental climate ensures participantstours Almaty quite distinct seasons. In winter there are frequent frosts to -10, and in summer - the heat reaching 40. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in the spring and in August-September, there is particularly dry weather.
  • Get to Almaty most quickly by plane. Direct flights from Moscow last about 4.5 hours and is performed both Russian and Kazakh airline.
  • Getting around the city on the roadtransport in the daytime can be somewhat difficult due to congestion occurring. Optimal use during tours in Almaty subway, which connects the city center attractions.
  • Southern capital city has a reputation of fountains. In total we offer more than a hundred, and if in Almaty tour came at the end of spring, the traveler gets the chance to participate in the Day of fountains.
  • One of the most popular holiday destinations and citizens, andguests - located 15 kilometers Big Almaty Lake. It is part of the Ile-Alautskogo National Park, and its height above sea level exceeds 2500 meters.
  • The best panoramic views of the participants of the tour in Almaty opens from the hill Kok-Tobe. On the mountain air viewing platform, open an amusement park, and leads up to the top of its lift.


  • Tours in Almaty
  • Tours in Almaty

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