Where to go with children in Almaty. for children in Almaty Entertainment

Where to go with children in Almaty?

Where to go with children in Almaty?

During school holidays, many parents are concerned about where to go with children in Almaty, that the time was interesting and fun.

Most popular items

The first place on the relevance for families with childrenIt takes the zoo. Any child happily agree to visit this place. The city has a zoo elephants, novorogi, giraffes, llamas and others. Almaty Zoo different well-groomed and beautiful grounds. For walking it is ideal. A visit there will be a useful and enjoyable event. The child will be able to see rare animals and learn interesting facts about their habits. Families with children are recommended to visit the water park, which is located in the central park. On its territory there is a large swimming pool, eight slides, two swimming pools for children, a mini-roller coaster and cafes.

Another popular place in Almaty - cableroad Kok-Tube, which allows you to see the city from a height of over 1130 meters. With a cable car offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Children near the cable car rides are organized, a small zoo, cafes and a park.

Cultural events

Where to go with children in Almaty that rest wasinformative? For the memories you can visit the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His exhibition will be of interest not only children but also adults. For visitors four rooms open. The first contains exhibits from the field of archeology:. Skeletons of ancient animals, treasures, etc. The second room is the venue for an exhibition dedicated to the history of Kazakhstan. They collected old household products Kazakhs. In the third room there are objects that characterize the culture of different peoples inhabiting the territory of the state. The fourth room is devoted to the modern history of Kazakhstan.

Young visitors waiting also Geology Museum, full of rare stones. In its collections are many stones of different sizes and shapes.

Active leisure Almaty

You can go to relax in nature onnature. Very beautiful place is Kapchagai reservoir, resembling the sea. On the shore is a nice beach. This place is suitable for fishing.

Stunning nature can be seen in TurgenGorge. There are ancient burial mounds, Bear Falls, archeology museum in the open air. Leisure activities available in the city's entertainment centers.

An excellent institution considered Funky Town, whereActivities depend on the age of visitors. Kids wait in the morning the city, which is equipped especially for children up to 5 years. Older children can visit the Day city where there are rides and slot machines.


  • Where to go with children in Almaty?
  • Where to go with children in Almaty?

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