The capital of Kazakhstan: map, photo. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan

The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana city, attractsmany tourists. Astana quite "young" capital. His status it received in 1998 as Almaty could no longer comply with its duties.

What is worth seeing in Astana

Astana is quite interesting in terms of city tours. It really is, what to see.

  • Ak Orda (the presidential palace). President of Kazakhstan Residence like the White House and Buckingham Palace is open for visits to everyone. Any person may inspect the building, where the country's most important decisions are taken. Ak Orda magnificent four-storey building with many rooms and passages, who saw many of the rulers of this world. The height of the ceiling on the first floor is huge - 10 meters. Needless to say that the palace is decorated in the best traditions.
  • Palace of Peace and Accord. Pyramids now have not only in Egypt. Palace of Peace and Accord externally repeats its shape, being quadrangular pyramid correctly. Its construction involved the famous architect Norman Foster, who laid the foundation of the golden section proportion. The height of the base and sides of the palace have the same value - 62 meters. In the palace there is a set of premises. This hall which hosts regular concerts and performances of opera singers, exhibition halls, greenhouses and more. The largest area is a beautiful name "Kheops Atrium". At the very top of the pyramid is a tiny meeting room entitled "Cradle".
  • Oceanarium. Located in the entertainment center "Duman", is the only aquarium in the world, located in the three thousand kilometers from the ocean. The total volume of water - three million liters. To "prosolit" it took 120 tons of this ocean of salt. Here you can observe the life of more than 2000 kinds of inhabitants of the underwater depths.
  • Mosque "Holy Sultan". The biggest mosque, which is located on the territory of Central Asia. For its construction it took only three years and pompous opening took place in the summer of 2012. The huge building looks very reminiscent of the palaces of the east. Under construction more than 1500 people were involved. That he owes Astana advent magnificent architectural monument. The mosque was named after a Sufi sheikh - Yassavi Khoja Ahmed, who lived in the 12th century. He was not only a poet and a philosopher, but also revered as a holy man. Mausoleum of Sheikh is located in the city of Turkestan.
  • Circus. If while walking, you will notice a huge alien ship, then do not panic. Huge UFO - the building of the Moscow Circus. Such fantastic styling fits into the overall look of the city and enjoy malyshni.

Astana city of the future


  • Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan
  • Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan
  • Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan

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