Viewpoints Astana. List of the best viewing points in Astana

Viewpoints Astana

Viewpoints Astana

In your plans to visit the viewing platformAstana? In this case, you have the chance to enjoy a different perspective of the building of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, mosques Hazrat Sultan Nur Astana, Independence Palace, the presidential residence "Ak Orda" and other objects.


The height of buildings - 105 m; to the upper level -ball (diameter - 22 m pleased by the presence of the guests a panoramic bar and the hall, where will be able to enjoy the height of the capital's appearance), visitors are transported to the viewing elevators. Also worth a visit the lower level on 4-meter height - to look into the cafes, mini-gallery (you will see works by the artist Erbolat Tolepbai) aquariums.

Price: 500 KZT / adults, 150 tenge / children 5-15 years; You can visit from 10:00 to 21:00 (winter time) - 22:00 (daylight saving time).

How to get there? You will approach the buses number 32, 18, 40, 51, 12, 52, 60, 56, 51 (Address: Left Bank, 1; website:

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

This structure in the form of a pyramid (its height -60 m), the top of which is the beautiful stained-glass window (shown here 130 pigeons), offers to go up in a transparent elevator car (not vertical, and diagonal movement), while taking in the green terraces. On the upper level can be accessed on foot, through the "hanging gardens of Astana" (you will see plants from around the world), to see the beauty of Astana city from a height. In addition, the building can look at the gift shop, to visit the center of contemporary art "Kulanshi" and at various exhibitions ( "Exhibition of Nefertiti").

Tour cost, organizes from 10:00 to 18:00 - 600 tenge / adults, 400 tenge / children.

Address: 57 Prospect Tauelsizdik.

Soluxe Hotel Astana

The hotel (its height - 120 meters), built in the oriental style, guests will find several restaurants panoramic:

  • revolving restaurant (open until midnight) 23floor: places visitors are treated to Chinese and European dishes, as well as offer them to enjoy the taste of fine wines and the best views of the Kazakh capital when making a full turn.
  • panoramic bar "La Mansarde" on the 25th floor: it offers no less stunning views of Astana, here is the perfect place to spend a romantic date or a business meeting (here is to come and for the contemplation of fireworks, arranged in honor of celebrations).

Address: Syganak street, 27; Website:

Three-level bridge on the Water-Green Boulevard,

The lower level is occupied by car parks,medium - offices, shops and other establishments, and of greatest interest to travelers is the top level with walkways, fountains, interesting sculptures (hence the scenic views, particularly on the urban beauty of Astana).


Those who prefer to enjoy the beauty of the city with Ferris Wheels, rejoice that soon a new attraction, as tall as a 18-storey building will be in Central Park (the diameter of the wheels is 55 m).


  • Viewpoints Astana
  • Viewpoints Astana
  • Viewpoints Astana

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