Streets of Astana - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Astana

Streets of Astana

Streets of Astana

Astana - a bright, vibrant and modern city. It is the capital of Kazakhstan, which is known for its original architectural projects. Many streets are covered with new buildings in Astana, reflecting the ambition of the young capital. In the center are the famous sites: the Palace of Peace and Accord, Baiterek, ethno-memorial complex, etc. As the pace of construction of Astana leader among the other localities of the country.. The share of the city accounted for one-fifth of real estate put into operation.

The central part of the capital

On the main streets are entertainingMalls, restaurants, boutiques, cinemas and cafes. In recent years, more than 700 streets were renamed Astana. In the main city of Kazakhstan there is a wide selection of shops, theaters, museums. In the city there are new streets, houses, gardens, fountains and decorative sculptures.

The symbol of Astana is considered to be a majestic monument Baiterek, which symbolizes the foundations of the universe. At the heart of the capital is Nurzhol Boulevard. You can see the residential complex "Northern Lights."

Many capital projects created by their unusualparts. For example, the shape of the pyramid has a Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. Inside, there are greenhouses, galleries and concert halls. The original structure is a circus building, located on the bank of Ishim. It looks like a flying saucer, which is placed inside a huge circus.

Attractive facilities

On the bank of the Yesil River spreads newthe administrative center of the city, covering an area of ​​over 430 hectares. It is formed by three architectural objects: the area around the monument Baiterek, the main administrative area and the Round Square. Between them stretched Nurzhol Boulevard, which is pedestrian. Boulevard is decorated with three-level bridge. The third level is fully adapted for the needs of pedestrians. It is decorated with sculptures, fountains and trees.

In Astana, there are religiousattractions, of which special attention should be the main mosque Nur-Astana synagogue Beit Rachel - Chabad Lubavitch. From skyscrapers stands Transport Tower complex.

In Astana, very tall buildings are concentrated in theone area. Wide streets of the capital creates favorable conditions for motorists. The pavement is of high quality. Taking a walk along the boulevard Nurzhol, you can walk to the famous shopping and entertainment center Khan Shatyr. This project combines the best urban entertainment and shopping. This center has equipped a tropical beach with sand.

Nurzhol Boulevard (Water-Green) is considered to be a wonderful sitting area in the central area of ​​the capital. Here are the singing fountains, colored sidewalks, beautiful galleries.

Pictures of Astana streets

  • Streets of Astana
  • Streets of Astana
  • Streets of Astana

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