Tours in Astana (Kazakhstan). Rest in Astana: photo, trips

Tours in Astana

Tours in Astana

The capital of modern Kazakhstan was established in1830. She was called Akmola, and then, during the development of new land - Tselinograd. Only in 1998 the city received the present name, and tours to Astana, dynamic and rapidly developing, and are very popular among residents of Kazakhstan and guests from neighboring countries.

Human and nature

The town is located in the floodplain of the Ishim River, which dividesAstana into two parts. Capital of Kazakhstan steppe surroundings are plain, which makes the climate is continental and not too favorable for life. The government even has developed a special project for the creation around the town green natural fence, which protects from the strong winds of the steppe. See how developing capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, participants tours are today, because here has a special economic zone, attracting investors to the city.

When to go?

Due to the extreme continental climateAstana pronounced seasons. Summers are very hot and dry, and in the winter for a few weeks can be very cold. Thermometer show 40 and -40, respectively, making trips to Astana is not too comfortable in July or January. It is best to buy tickets for the spring or autumn, when the city installed a nice warm weather with little precipitation and the fresh wind.

Briefly about the importance

  • Modern international airport in the capitalKazakhstan receives flights from the capital of Russia, and many other cities. Travel time from Moscow is 3.5 hours, and flights performed by both Russian and Kazakh carriers.
  • To get from the terminal to the city center is easiest by bus, which overcomes the 16 kilometers in half an hour.
  • The main cultural sites, visits to whichIt can be scheduled as part of tours to Astana, located in the city center. Popular with guests alike enjoy the evening music in Akmola oblast philharmonic society, where local musicians give concerts. national, artistic, historical and local lore museum works for fans of local history. The National Opera and Ballet Theatre can be seen posing on the music of Kazakh composers, and in the Russian Drama - enjoy the spectacle based on Chekhov's works Fonvizin or Gorky.

Astana city of the future


  • Tours in Astana
  • Tours in Astana

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