Water parks in Astana - photos, price, description

Water parks in Astana

Water parks in Astana

In the height of summer you can cool off, not only in marine waters - Astana offers its guests to spend time at a local water park.

Water Park in Astana

In the water park "Sky Beach Club" (SEC "Khan Shatyr") visitors will find:

  • beach, sand on which imported from the Maldives, with sun beds;
  • all kinds of slides;
  • swimming pool with waterfalls and heated (at a certain time included a wave on which you can ride);
  • mini-soccer field and volleyball court;
  • Café (here you can order food to suit all tastes).

Entrance fee: on holidays and weekends to adults are charged KZT 8000, in the week - 6000 tenge, and to children (5-11 years) - 3500 tenge.

It is worth noting that the shopping center "Khan Shatyr"worth a visit and the center "Famecity" (4th floor), famous for its attractions (Carousel, Slots, Leaning Tower, mono-rail), Dino Park (you can meet with Apatosaurus, tyrannosaurs, pterodactyls and other dinosaurs and reptiles) and Panic Room " Hunting for ghosts "(Visitors will be able to tickle your nerves, plunged into the world of mysticism).

Water Activities in Astana

If you are interested in swimming pools,take a look at the pool (there is also a children's pool), located in the sports complex "Kazakhstan" - here you can not only swim (single visit costs 600 tenge, and for the child will have to pay 300 tenge), and attend the games, water polo and competitions swimming, held in the city or the national scale.

Well, enjoy the city, but at the same time niceYou can spend your time by going to ride on a pleasure boat on the River Ishim (place of departure - Embankment) wishing to offer 2 variants of this water trip - it can be a romantic 2-hour entertainment and tasting national food and water sightseeing tour.

Another memorable event on vacation inAstana could be visiting "Duman" entertainment center in the Oceanarium. To see moray eels, sharks, rays and other inhabitants of the deep sea, serves a walk through a transparent tunnel (there is a movable track). In addition to the main, there are aquariums divided into several zones - "Kingdom of coral reefs", "The inhabitants of fresh waters of South-East Asia and South America," "Fish of Kazakhstan".

Learn to communicate with animals, it is possible tospecial center opened at the Oceanarium (Action for Children). If you wish, you can attend the underwater show "Mermaid" and "Feeding sharks" (per-view show programs with adults are charged KZT 2000, and 5-12 year olds - 1000 tenge). And to get the models of ships, stylized wall clocks, decorations for aquariums and compositions of shells you will be advised in the store, "Pearl."


  • Water parks in Astana
  • Water parks in Astana
  • Water parks in Astana

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