Culture of Kazakhstan: traditions, especially

Culture of Kazakhstan

Culture of Kazakhstan

Tourists who choose the direction for Kazakhstanrest is usually interested in architectural landmarks and museums where you can see the past and present state. But Kazakhstan's culture - it is also a folk arts and crafts, traditions and national ceremonies, songs created by generations of ancestors, and the characteristic of the inhabitants of the country sports. Get introduced to cultural heritage can help workers of museums and art, and visiting concerts and festivals allow you to feel and understand the mood and the exotic flavor of Kazakh art.

From the list of UNESCO

In Kazakhstan, there are manyarchitectural monuments, which are valuable relics of the past years. Authoritative organization UNESCO brought it one of them in the lists of their World Heritage Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi located in the city of Turkestan, it was built at the end of the XIV century and is a "masterpiece of human genius." Also on the territory of modern Kazakhstan it is located several architectural buildings worthy of the tour:

  • The monument of architecture of the eleventh century in Turkestan mausoleumArystan Baba. It is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims. It is a restored copy of a building with preserved carved columns. The mausoleum is kept old book - the Koran, made by hand calligraphy in the Middle Ages.
  • Necropolis Becket yeah - the burial place of the sage, teacher, healer and soothsayer, who lived in the XVIII century.
  • The tomb of Aisha-Bibi twelfth century, which has traditional Kazakh ornamental art. Aisha-bibi is known as the daughter of a noble poet, who died in separation from loved ones.
  • Babaji Khatun Mausoleum, where according to legend, buried poputchitsa Aisha-bibi mausoleum guarded with life tragically lost beauty.

For generous table

A significant part of the culture of Kazakhstan and ishis kitchen, where main dishes are meat and dairy. Kazakh cooks can cook real masterpieces, and on the table in front of the astonished guests during the meal appear hearty soups and tasty sausages, pies with lamb and fragrant pilaf.
Milk drinks taken in the culture of Kazakhstan,It is known far outside the country. The most useful and famous mare are made from mare's milk, and ayran - a special sort of yogurt, thirst-quenching on the hottest day.


  • Culture of Kazakhstan
  • Culture of Kazakhstan

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