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Traditional cuisine of Kazakhstan

Traditional cuisine of Kazakhstan

Power Kazakhstan plentiful and inexpensive. Upon arrival in Kazakhstan should be cautious in the early days, as the traditional food is greasy and heavy for Europeans stomach.

Food in Kazakhstan

The main national dish of Kazakhs - beshbarmak they it is made from horse meat, beef or lamb.
The diet consists of Kazakhs food meat, vegetable, fish, milk and flour dishes.
be sure to try the local dumplings with lamb stuffing, noodles Lagman, barbecue Kazakh, fish dish Koktal, Shurpa local tandyrnye cakes Kazakhstan.
If you do not want your holiday in Kazakhstan went down the drain, not to eat on the street and in obscure eatery: the kiosks and stalls are often selling stale products.
Eat in Kazakhstan can be found in every corner of the cafe. It is necessary to go to one of the kebab (teahouse), which offers a taste oriental dishes, climbing feet on a special trestle.
If you want to eat in a more comfortableenvironment, visit restaurants. Particularly noteworthy are the network restaurants Assorti - here is relatively inexpensive meal serves French, Russian, Japanese and Kazakh cuisine, as well as live music.

Drinks in Kazakhstan

Among the national beverage a special role in the life ofKazakhs have shubat, mare's milk, ayran, kymyran (the soft drinks made with fresh camel's milk or mare, has a revitalizing effect).

Gastronomic tour in Kazakhstan

Going to Kazakhstan in the framework ofgastronomic tour, all the local restaurant you will be greeted with kindness, compassion and hospitality of the local population. First, you will be offered a drink ayran or mare, and then hot tea with cream or milk, raisins and irimshik.
But traditional Kazakh meals of lamb and horse meat, as well as fresh and delicious cakes made from wheat flour, you will be offered to taste just after tea.
As for dessert, then be sure to try the chak-chak - noodles with sugar, honey and candy.
At this point in the gastronomic tourismKazakhstan developed rather weak, but in the very near future, the government plans to coincide with gastronomic tours to specific events. So, for example, travelers will have the opportunity to come to Kazakhstan to celebrate the New Year and the arrival of spring, in addition to the entertainment program to enjoy the famous Nauryz skin and other dishes of Kazakh cuisine.
Today, tourists have the opportunity totravel to remote parts of the country: examining the natural attractions, each camper can stay in the house of local residents, who will be happy to feed their national dishes.
In memory of Kazakhstan should bring these "edible" souvenirs as cognac "Kazakhstan", "Kaharman" and "Jenis", oriental sweets, candy brand "Rakhat" kazi vacuum packed.

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