The population of Kazakhstan. The population of Kazakhstan: features, weight, composition

The population of Kazakhstan

The population of Kazakhstan

The population of Kazakhstan is more than 17 million people.
What is the ethnic composition of the country?

  • Kazakhs (62%);
  • Russian (25%);
  • Ukrainians (2.9%);
  • Uzbeks (2.8%);
  • other nationalities (7.3%).

Kazakhstan - a sparsely populated country in the world (population density - 6 persons per 1 km2).
The most populated cities is Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, and the main languages ​​- Kazakh and Russian.
As for religion, 70% of the population are Muslims and the rest - Orthodox Christianity.

life expectancy

Men on average live 64.5 years and women - 73.5 years.
Men tend to die earlier than women, andsuffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, prostate cancer, and all because of the lack of attention to their own health (men rarely pass medical examinations).
To extend the duration of its lifecitizens, Kazakh authorities plan to implement "WORLD 24" project, according to which by 2040 the expected life expectancy will reach 80 years! For example, today for 3 years managed to avoid the deaths of 85 young mothers and babies 3190 thanks to the latest medical technologies.
Major religious holidays: Nowruz, Ramadan, Eid-ul-Adha, Eid-ul-Fitr (celebration accompanied by horse races, musical performances, various national games).

Traditions and customs of the Kazakh people

One of the most significant events in the life of KazakhsIt is the wedding. According to tradition, the Kazakhs can not marry members of the same kind - it helps to prevent blood mixing, and thus get a healthy offspring in the future.
Important: the groom must pay the bride dowry in the form of a 17-77 head of horses (all depends on the affluence of the groom's family).
Interesting is the fact that his wifeconsidered as part of the husband's property, ie, in the case of her husband's death, she "goes inherited" by his brother (the woman is free to choose his wife to another man if her husband's brother refuses to marry her).
Kazakhs - a very hospitable people: they have long been abundantly treated guests and seated them on the most honorable places. Until now, Kazakhs revere tradition and are always happy to receive pilgrims, and it is not fed and watered their, they do not ask who they are and where.
Arriving in Kazakhstan, you will be able toattend a tea ceremony in the Kazakh (tea brewing taken special porcelain teapot and poured boiling water from the samovar), and drink tea made with boiled milk or cream.


  • The population of Kazakhstan

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