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Rental cars in Kazakhstan

Rental cars in Kazakhstan

This eastern country has always attractedtravelers. There are a large number of resort areas. And do not think that Kazakhstan - a solid bare steppe or desert. A country with such a rich history contains many interesting historical and cultural monuments. So rent a car in Kazakhstan will be your best option, because as you can comfortably reach any place that you are interested in, whether it be a theater in the center of the old or new capital or tract Bartogay - an amazing corner of the nature of this country.

But take, for example, the famous Kazakh ResortBorovoye with its mountains, evergreen forests and pristine lakes. Moreover, rent a car, you can reach and even to one of the resort - Saryagash. It is rich in geothermal sources.

Features SDA Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - a country where car rentalis quite widespread service, and so in any of the major cities you can easily rent a vehicle themselves. In fact, the traffic in Kazakhstan is largely in line with our, Russian. But there are also a number of purely Kazakh features.

Should be wary of vehicles with includedbeacons and a special sound signal, as they not only have an advantage over the rest of the movement, but can deviate from the number of traffic requirements. And for them it will be nothing! And you, when you walk on the territory of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to be very attentive and immediately concede the roadway in such machines.

Another interesting feature of the SDA in this country within settlements vehicle has the right to move any of the selected bands.

But with drunken driving then do not stand on ceremony. In this country for driving in a drunken state, and even in a slight degree of intoxication, the driver can deprive rights, the least two years.

What to see

Visit to Kazakhstan on a rented car, you canamazing monuments. And at the same time see beautiful landscapes on the way to him that with these ancient monuments are almost in perfect proportions. History lovers should not ignore the architectural treasures in the ancient cities of Taraz, Shymkent and Turkestan. There is a majestic mosques, sparkling turquoise tiled domes. They adjoin the famous madrasa, next to which are fragrant magnificent gardens. In the heat of summer you can cool off in the fountain. Where you can overlook in the midday haze of distant mountain ranges. Nature lovers can go on wonderful lakes in Kazakhstan.

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