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Kazakhstan Traditions

Kazakhstan Traditions

The culture of Kazakhstan is reflectedancient customs of the peoples inhabiting its vast expanses. The nomadic way of life of the ancestors of modern Kazakhs, their way of life and habits are the basis of each tradition in Kazakhstan, which is lovingly preserved and handed down from father to son.

Guests at the threshold

The generosity and hospitality of Kazakhs in the blood andit is for the guests here save up the most delicious and value. According to an ancient tradition in Kazakhstan, even a casual traveler to take home with honor and hospitality. Guests seated in the best place and treat with koumiss or ayran until the hostess set the table. In today's state of the old customs somewhat modified, but the hospitality here are still on top.
Once in the Kazakh home should be readyto ensure that the guest becomes the center of attention. In ancient times, for example, there was a tradition to ask the traveler to play a musical instrument or sing. art test brings an indispensable recovery in the usual meal.

Helping others

The people of Kazakhstan, there are many customs,relating to mutual assistance. For example, according to an ancient tradition, called "asar", any family can call for help friends or family, if you want to hard work. At the end all participants will generously covered dastarkhan.
Another long-standing tradition in Kazakhstan, "Zhylu" - it is a guarantee that in the event of a natural disaster or some other tragedy affected family will receive moral and material support from relatives and neighbors.
Settlers arriving in the village did not remain alonewith their problems and they were held in honor of the holiday, "erulik". Old-timers helped the newcomers to stock up on firewood, bring drinking water and introduced them to each resident of the village.

Useful things

When traveling across the country, it is necessary to get acquainted with some of the traditions of Kazakhstan, which will help to get to know the locals and travel with great comfort:

  • Received an invitation to come for a visit, takehim. The refusal may offend hospitable Kazakhs, and for the dinner table with them can agree on cooperation in several times faster than in negotiating office room.
  • Choosing gifts for friends and relatives, payattention to jewelry made of white silver. Completed in Kazakhstan's traditions, they can decorate any outfit and emphasize the bright personality of its owner.


  • Kazakhstan Traditions
  • Kazakhstan Traditions

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