Water parks in Shymkent - photos, price, description

Water parks in Shymkent

Water parks in Shymkent

You are going to rest in the summer in Shymkent? Escape from the heat will help you to the local recreation areas, in particular, water entertainment complexes.

Waterpark in Shymkent

Water park "Dolphin" has water slides,beach, children, and a large swimming pool for adults (if you want to do water aerobics), whirlpool. With regard to prices, the adult visitors entry costs in 1100, as a small - 900 tenge.

Water Activities in Shymkent

To swim in the pool every day, travelers should book a room at the hotel, which features a swimming pool - in the "Canvas Hotel Shymkent", "Rixos Khadisha Shymkent" or "Totem Hotel".

Lovers of water entertainment can have a great time and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting the following water systems:

  • "Jumeirah: equipped for adults and a shallow pool for children, fungi, from which flows the water, sauna complex (Turkish steam bath, jacuzzi), a summer cafe (fast food, pizza, ice cream, cocktails, beer). Since the "Jumeirah" is always playing music, you can dance here, and in addition, attend a performance of "live" bands (you can move to a karaoke lounge SOLO). It should be noted that those who can spend a holiday in the indoor water complex (corporate, anniversary, wedding party). Admission: children - 900 tenge adults - 1200 tenge.
  • "Letopark": features 4 swimming pools, including a children's pool, and for those who like to move around on the bottom of foot (1.2 m), playgrounds for football and volleyball courts, a restaurant with a food court (in the menu there are many dishes on the barbecue, and still there is order the fish platter with salmon, carp and Escolar to beer) and a bar (a wide selection of drinks). And between the "water sessions" little visitors will be able to jump on the trampoline (2). Ticket prices: children (under 14 years) - 800 tenge adults - 1500 tenge.
  • "Aircraft": Here guests will find a swimming pool (thanks to a comfortable temperature, the pool can be visited the whole family, including, with the youngest members of the family), bowling alley (10 lanes), a children's playground with a variety of entertainment, a restaurant "Airplane" (Asian, European , Turkish cuisine, a variety of desserts and drinks + + organization of celebrations presence of VIP-booths). Over the entrance to adults need to pay 1500 tenge, and children up to 10 years - 750 tenge.

Those who rest in Shymkent, recommendedgo to Sairam-Su gorge - it is famous for its lake of glacial origin, consisting of 2 parts, resembling the guitar. Coming here, you will be able to see, regardless of the weather and time of year, the water on both sides of the lake is different in color (due to the interest of the lake and the local legend of the two lovers hearts, who tried to separate).


  • Water parks in Shymkent

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