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West Kazakhstan

West Kazakhstan

Not too tourist region, westKazakhstan, however, can offer fans of local history and the history of Central Asia several interesting places where amazing ancient monuments preserved. Nature reserves of this part of the country help to preserve traditional landscapes from active human activity and observe the life of numerous representatives of the local flora and fauna.

Cards on the table!

The area of ​​the region called the West Kazakhstanhuge by European standards. On the territory of its member four areas available to fit France with the UK. The region bordering the Caspian Sea to the west, on the borders with Russia, and in the south - with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.


Once on a trip to the west of Kazakhstan, the traveler gets an opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting sights of the region:

  • Ustyurt Reserve is located in the Mangistauregion. The purpose of its creation was to preserve the natural form of a complex of the northern Kazakh deserts. On the Ustyurt plateau inhabited by dozens of species of rare animals and unique plants grow. various mammals - five local plant species Eleven bird species and nine are listed as endangered. The most unique and rare - flamingos, peregrine falcon, tawny eagle, caracal, gazelle, mouflon and even cheetah.
  • Karagiye - one of the most profound andgiant in Asia. Its length is more than 85 km and reaches a width of 25 km. Under the surface of the cavity, there are many caves, grottoes and niches, and its bottom is a lake Batyr. In the dry season the water evaporates and his Karagiye covered with salt marshes.
  • One of the major shopping centers of the Golden Horde,Shed-Juke is at the crossroads of trade routes from China to Europe. It was founded in the tenth century, and after four years developed into an important trading center. A city with a developed culture, Shed-Juke had the aqueduct system of ceramic pipes, minted their coins, and its inhabitants were engaged in various crafts.

On the shores of the Caspian Sea

The resort on the shores of the Caspian KenderliSea - a favorite vacation spot of inhabitants of the West Kazakhstan. There are built recreation center, where you can comfortably stay for the weekend and spend their beach relaxation. Special infrastructure this resort offer guests may not, but a holiday in nostalgic style of past Soviet times here can be obtained without any material costs.


  • West Kazakhstan
  • West Kazakhstan

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