Which sea to Malta? Sea Malta: photos, map

Malta Sea

Malta Sea

The island nation of Malta is located to the southSicily, Malta and the only sea that washes its coast - Mediterranean. on the ancient Phoenician language name of the country it is also associated with the sea and means "harbor" or "safe haven."

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In Malta come not only to sunbathe and swim. Where you can learn English with the same success as in London, because the country was under the protectorate of the United Kingdom for many years. Those who know the exact answer to the question of what the sea washes Malta sign and climate of the country, which is considered the ideal place for a quality beach holiday:

  • thermometers record summer air temperature 28 degrees, water - 25, which creates favorable conditions for sunbathing.
  • Clear days a year in Malta is not a lot, but a lot. Precipitation is possible only in winter, and in small quantities.
  • Beaches Sea Malta can have both sandy and rocky cover, and they are divided into quite "wild" and well equipped according to the degree of civilization.
  • Log into the water on the rocky beaches usually possible with the help of special ladders.
  • To get to the beaches in Malta is easiest by bus or car. Many of these hotels are located.
  • The best beaches on the Sea of ​​Malta has traditionally considered the sand on the west coast of the main island.

Mediterranean Kitchen

In search of an answer to the question of what the sea in Maltatravelers will inevitably encounter the concept of Mediterranean cuisine. It combines the principles and traditions of cooking all the countries located in this region. Despite the peculiarities of each of them, for Mediterranean cuisine is characterized by the use of a specific set of cooking for the vast majority of food products. Important in this list are olive Meslin, greens and herbs, garlic, lots of fresh vegetables, grape wine. Incidentally, the Sea Malta plays an important role in shaping the climate on its islands, allowing local vineyards ripen necessary for the production of wines.
Among the most popular Maltese dishes - vegetablesalads and grilled fish, culinary delights from fresh seafood and great cheeses. The sea, which washes Malta, allows people here proud cooks special dishes, which are used in the preparation of shrimp and squid. The microclimate of the islands of the Maltese archipelago is a prerequisite for growing olive trees whose fruits give the best grades of oil.

Malta's coast Photos

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