Children's camps in Malta for the summer. Children's camps in Malta 2015

Children's camps in Malta

Children's camps in Malta

Malta - the archipelago, which included therelargest islands:. Malta, Comino, Gozo and etc. Today, the Republic of Malta is a world center for the study of the English language. The Maltese speak English, Italian and Maltese. Therefore, children's camps in Malta offer holiday with the study of foreign languages. The country is small in size and beautiful nature. The Mediterranean climate is favorable for children's health. On the islands is always warm in winter water temperature is below 14 degrees. The air in the summer warms up to 28 degrees. Most hot season lasts from mid-summer until October. Arriving for a vacation in Malta, children can learn English in a language school or camp.

The camp attracted Maltese

Children's centers and language schools are taking the kidsat the age of 7 years. Language learning takes place in the form of an exciting game. Children learn new words by means of cheerful songs and poems. Rest in camp certainly includes various excursions, entertainment and sporting events and sea bathing. The learning process takes place in the wonderful conditions: warm sea water, sun, mild climate, beautiful scenery.

Children's camps in Malta are concentrated in largecities such as Valletta, Bugibba, St Julian's, Sliema and others. As practice shows, children quickly learn the English language, if the communication takes place in an informal setting. A big plus children's activities in Malta - security and minimum level of crime on the island. In addition, for a trip is not necessary to issue a visa permit.

Program language camps in Malta

School of English Language and camps offer a wide range of courses:

  • for children and youth,
  • for primary, secondary and tertiary level,
  • specific English.

Children's camps, and language schools Malta areon the basis of the license of the Ministry of Education. Teaching Quality control Professional federations FELTOM. Many camps offer family programs for the study of a foreign language. In this case, a break in Malta can be a family. Parents can choose any of the suggested language learning options. Accommodation at the hotel, guarded beach and the power supply system on the principle of "all inclusive" - ​​this is the usual scheme of the trip to Malta. In addition to studying children can play sports and have fun English. To do this, the camps have tennis courts, swimming pools, sports facilities, disco and games store.

Maltese camp guarantee comfortable, safe and fun vacation.

Photos of children's camps in Malta

  • Children's camps in Malta
  • Children's camps in Malta
  • Children's camps in Malta

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