Myanmar Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Myanmar?

Naypyidaw - capital of Myanmar

Naypyidaw - capital of Myanmar

Remember, the name of the capital of Myanmar, will be able,probably only a linguist. A rally to utter her name - Naypyidaw, in general, no. It can be seen, the state government decided to make fun of tourists arriving here, thorough complicating the name of the country itself - it was as Burma - and decided to change the capital.

An excursion into the local history

The first capital of modern Myanmar was a Rangoon(The name is quite simple and easy to utter). Now it Yangon, a city where many buildings of the colonial era. But the status of the capital city moved to the small town Naypyidaw.

The question of transferring all administrativeinstitutions in the city of Pyinmana considered in 2001. The exact transfer date was chosen by astrologers - they have calculated not only the date (2005, 6 November), but the time to the nearest minute. The ceremonial event took place in the morning when the clock showed 6:00 and 36 minutes. But the capital was not the Pyinmana and Naypyidaw, whose name translates complex is quite simple - "Abode of Kings".

How to get to the capital

To date, to get inNaypyidaw, has a one of the three modes of transport: by plane; bus; train. Please get in Yangon, the former capital, and then choose the best way to travel. The train goes to Naypyidaw nine, but the cost is the most democratic option. Aircraft are not available to all citizens and guests of the country, most of them are military, which save time and do not consider the money. Bus or car - also a pretty cheap way to travel, although it will have to spend a lot of time.

The new capital

Since the main city of Naypyidaw country becameOnly in 2006, respectively, he is very young, dynamic. Old buildings, temples or palaces to be found here. A central attraction is the huge sculpture representing the three kings of Burma, which played an important role in the history of the south-eastern state.

Among other interesting places for tourists can behighlight pagoda Uppatasanti - its proportions are the same with one of the pagodas of the former capital. Inside the room is absolutely empty cult of values ​​- a figure four jade Buddhas, which are oriented to the cardinal points, as well as Buddhist shrines. In addition, in the pagoda are stored the treasures of one of the Burmese kings.


  • Naypyidaw - capital of Myanmar
  • Naypyidaw - capital of Myanmar
  • Naypyidaw - capital of Myanmar

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