How to fly from Amsterdam to Moscow? Time of flight Amsterdam - Moscow

How to fly from Amsterdam to Moscow?

How to fly from Amsterdam to Moscow?

In Amsterdam you will certainly managed to visitwalk through the channels to see the Royal Palace and the Red Light District, look at the original Dutch houses, rent a bike to get around the city, visit the museum of Rembrandt, walk through the flower market, try a sandwich with the Dutch herring ... You have already collected my bags and get lost in conjectures over the duration of the flight in the opposite direction?

How to fly from Amsterdam to Moscow on a direct flight?

2150 km - this distance Amsterdam from Moscow (the flight will last 3 hours). For example, airlines "the KLM" and "Aeroflot" will take you home in 3 hours 5 minutes.

Buy tickets Amsterdam Moscow should be ready to pay him 20,000 rubles (low prices please travelers in April and May).

Flight from Amsterdam to Moscow with change

To leave Amsterdam and heading to Moscowcan look to the connecting flight (they can last for 5-21 hours), implying a transplant in Munich, Frankfurt, London, Minsk, Geneva, Vienna and other cities.

With flights from Amsterdam to Moscow with change inMinsk ( "Belavia"), you land back home after 5 hours Vantaa ( "Finnair") - after 7 hours in Hamburg ( "Lufthansa") -spustya 5.5 hours, in Madrid (Air Europa ") - later 10 hours, in Rome ( "Alitalia") - after 6.5 hours.

You are planning to do two transplants? For example, in Zurich and Geneva docking ( "Swiss") will increase your air travel 10.5 hours flight via Vienna and St. Petersburg ( "Austrian Airlines") will extend your trip for 9.5 hours, and in Zurich and Vienna ( "Swiss") - 17 hours.

Select airline

The flight takes such in this directioncarriers using Boeing 737-399, Embraer 195, the Fokker 70, AirbusA 321-100, Canadair 900, the Fokker 100 and other aircraft, such as: "Aeroflot"; "KLM"; "British Airways"; "Estonian Air"; "Finnair".

Per serving flight from Amsterdam to Moscow respondsSchiphol Airport (AMS), remote from the center of the city at 17 km. You can acquire a variety of goods in the "Schiphol Plaza" shopping center, admire the works of art (at the airport have exposure at his disposal several museums), to experience the effect of a face mask in spa-salon, try your luck at the local casino, to withdraw money working around the clock in ATMs, up to the terrace located on the roof of the airport to get a better view aircraft takes to the skies. In addition, the children here can frolic on the playground, and couples - marriage register (there is a special department).

What to do in an airplane?

In flight, do not forget to finally decide whoto present as gifts bought souvenirs in Amsterdam (Dutch shoes "clogs", diamond jewelry, designer clothing, bulbs Dutch tulips, figurines Amsterdam houses and windmills, cheese, tea, juniper vodka, made of porcelain products in white and blue tones).


  • How to fly from Amsterdam to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Amsterdam to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Amsterdam to Moscow?

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