Taxis in Amsterdam - price, order. How much is a taxi in Amsterdam

Taxis in Amsterdam

Taxis in Amsterdam

Due to the relatively "biting" prices for tourists it is advisable to use a taxi in Amsterdam only for short trips around the city (there are both private cabs and licensed companies).

Taxi Services in Amsterdam

Stopping the car on the streets of Amsterdam does notaccepted. To find a free cab can be on dedicated parking (in the city there are about 50) - they are located in places of constant crowds at the airport, near the railway station square. Yet the ideal solution - it is to make an order a taxi, contact the administrator of the hotel where you're staying on vacation. In this case, you will be served fairly quickly the car, but if you need it on the weekends or in the evening, to keep better order in advance.

And you can call the "Taxi Centrale Amsterdam" (inpark this taxi company is more than 1200 cars, and the price of travel is fixed) under number 020 777 7777 (if you want you can place an order for supply of taxis, visit the official website and filling out the online form and submit it).

Bicycle taxi in Amsterdam

To use the Bike Taxi service (thisbike, to which is attached the front or rear carriage for transportation of 1-2 passengers), you need to go after him in the tourist areas of the city, but a taxi can drive you up at the hotel if desired. The average cost of a three-minute trip - 1 euro (for children discounts). If desired, the driver bicycle taxis can be negotiated, and he will hold a tour of the city for you.

Water taxi in Amsterdam

Leave an order for a water taxi (takenorders for the boats that can accommodate 2-4 people), please contact the company VIP Water Taxi (phone: 020 535 63 63). On average, the 30-minute trip costs each passenger 10 euros.

The cost of a taxi in Amsterdam

Familiarity with the current tariffs will help you know how much is a taxi in Amsterdam:

  • passengers boarding costs 3.5-4 euros and each overcome kilometers - 2-3 euros;
  • waiting will cost 0.35 euros / 1 minute;
  • for luggage and taxi service, as a rule, an additional fee will be charged.

Tourists should be aware that taxis in Amsterdam is no division into day and night tariffs.

Taxis in the city are not cheap: for example, for travel within the historical center you will be asked to pay 15 euros and the trip from the airport to the city center will cost 45-50 euros.

It is worth noting that on arrival at the airportrecommended to use the services of a taxi, have blue badges: the tariffs in these cars a little cheaper - for landing you will be asked to pay 2.30 euros, while per km - 1.55 euro. Important: Amsterdam taxi drivers are entitled to fare according to different rates (in each taxi company their prices), so it makes sense to discuss the amount of travel prior to departure in the way.

Amsterdam - it's narrow streets and lots of channels: in spite of the fact that travel by car - this is not always practical, after all, in case of need you will always help a local taxi.

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