Excursions in Amsterdam. Sightseeing tours in Amsterdam

Tours in Amsterdam

Tours in Amsterdam

The wealth and luxury of this amazing anda small town in Europe is simply amazing all who come to the capital of the Netherlands for the first time. History of Amsterdam has more than 700 years, but because there are many unique buildings of the past, especially in the historic center of the city. Imenno17-th century, which is made here called not only as "golden", the city owes its transformation into one of the richest capitals in the world. Excursions in Amsterdam held very different. After all, who wants to visit museums, of which there are plenty, others dream of visiting temples, churches and cathedrals, or take a fascinating boat trip. Many interesting visits to medieval castles ... And there are many of those who wish to look in the cereal quarters.

Tastes of tourists and vacationers are different, and thereforeexcursions are organized in the city so as to satisfy the interests of all as far as possible. Many will like the excursion called "Amsterdam - a city without borders." Tourists will be interested to know that it is here, in the capital, there is a factory, where the skillful hands of masters "light up" with all the colors of the rainbow diamonds. It then creates a real miracle, diamonds, as a result of processing which they produced 121 brink! During the tour you will see the University, will walk along the embankment of the river Amstrel where rustic feel floating houses, visit the New Market. Your attention will be presented and a museum:

  1. The Wax Museum;
  2. Museum of the History of the capital;
  3. The Rembrandt House Museum;
  4. Van Gogh Museum, and others.

Amsterdam - a city of contrasts

It is a city of diverse cultures and peoples thatmany of his contemporaries was referred to as a modern Babylon. And how else to call it, if the people here live more than 175 nationalities! Sightseeing tours in Amsterdam are very diverse. Here you can leisurely walk for hours through the streets, admire the many historic buildings, boating, visiting museums. Here there is the breath of history at every turn. Excursions are offered through the capital on foot, on private yachts through the channels on the boat, by car.

Just one hour, for example, by taking part inexcursions by boat on the canals in the historical city center, you can see up to 100 sites, many of which are included in the UNESCO heritage. You will swim under beautiful bridges, the Golden Age will be able to admire the buildings, merchants' houses, many churches and cathedrals.

Of interest for rural tourHolland, evening tour with a visit to the Red quarter as well as tours with a tour of a medieval castle. Any tour - it's a lot of impressions, the pleasure and the opportunity to learn something new for yourself.

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