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Tours in Amsterdam

Tours in Amsterdam

Tulips and windmills, wooden shoesand insanely delicious herring, street red lanterns and spider web of hundreds of canals - so the average traveler is currently tours in Amsterdam. In the Dutch capital, there are many other interesting places and attractions and adventure tourism in the head in the city on the Amstel River, you can find countless.

History and geography

The capital of the Netherlands is located in thethe confluence of the rivers IJ and Amstel into the North Sea. The city is literally on the water, but because in the heyday of the kingdom in the XVII century it has grown to one of the most important ports in the world. Amsterdam is at around two meters below sea level. It was built here in the XIII century, the dam will protect the area from flooding, be allowed Amsterdam.
Three St. Andrew's cross on the city's coat of armssymbolize hardness, courage and compassion of its inhabitants, for centuries to win the water territory and growing her beautiful flowers and friendly children.

Briefly about the importance

  • In temperate climate Amsterdam enormousinfluenced by the sea. Northwestern heavy wind - a phenomenon very frequent, and because during the autumn or winter tours in Amsterdam it is important to stock up on warm clothing is not blown. Thermometers descend in winter to 3, and in the summer show 22 as the average temperature. July and August - the rainiest months, and the least amount of precipitation here falls in April.
  • Nearly five million travelersflock annually tours in Amsterdam. For their needs in the capital of the Netherlands opened hundreds of hotels of different levels, almost half of which has 4 or 5 stars on the facade. However, a lesser star hotels here are quite comfortable and not as expensive as the status. If the shared bathroom did not seem traveler unacceptable situation, then he can choose at all budget hostel.
  • The main transport in the capital of the Netherlands -bicycles. They are at least half a million. Choose a mode of transportation for excursions around the city while on tour in Amsterdam - a reasonable solution. The narrow streets and bridges over the canals can not always drive a rented car, and the cost of parking here is very inhumane.
  • In Amsterdam, 20 minutes by train fromthe main train station is Schiphol Airport. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the runways are located on the site of the drained lake even in 1916 year. Another example of firmness, valor and diligence of local people.


  • Tours in Amsterdam
  • Tours in Amsterdam

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