Holland Beaches - photo. The best sandy beaches in the Netherlands

Beaches Holland

Beaches Holland

Despite the relatively northern latitude andtoo hot summer, the inhabitants of the Netherlands are very fond of spending time by the sea. They do not mind that it is called the North, and the temperature in it even in July does not exceed twenty Celsius. For tourists Holland beaches are also of some interest. There you can watch the interesting characters, try the seafood in the coastal restaurants, souvenirs and select all active rest and even tan.

Choose a resort

The most popular among residents of the Netherlands are considered to be resorts, sandy beaches with active entertainment:

  • Zandvoort beach in half an hour from Amsterdamfamous for the fact that he was chosen by nudists. However, traditional and bathers are quite cozy and comfortable train, departing from the central station of the capital of the Netherlands, runs every half an hour and allows you to be in the surf very quickly. This beach has the prestigious Blue Flag certificate, which characterizes it as one of the most ecologically safe places in Europe.
  • Scheveningen in the north of The Hague - a beach thatequally good both in winter and summer. The swimming season here you can sunbathe and refresh yourself in the cool waves of the North Sea, and in the winter and autumn - admire the amazing beauty of white sand dunes and drink mulled wine on the sundeck at the cafe. Fish restaurants at any time of the year offer a fantastic menu, broadly representative and traditional Dutch cuisine and European specialties.
  • Recreation area in the west of The Hague - a beach Kyaykdaun. Nature here seems a wild and untouched, but the great infrastructure allowing guests to feel comfortable and cozy.
  • Beaches in Rotterdam - it is a place for socializing and partying, fitted along the river. It often hosts parties and celebrations, but in the summer the most stubborn and manages to get quite a nice tan.

Active and sports

De Koog Beach area of ​​the island is particularly adzessuited to fans of a healthy lifestyle. In this area, there is the kingdom of cars, but catamarans and windsurfing, on the contrary, is very popular.
Waterpark Duinrel - a favorite vacation spot and adults, and young tourists. It welcomes guests in the north-west of The Hague in the area of ​​the beach of Scheveningen.
In May, the Dutch season begins beaches for surfers and divers. The most popular places for diving and flying on a board on the waves - grevelingen coast and the beach of Domburg.

Photos Holland beaches

  • Beaches Holland
  • Beaches Holland

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