Bus tours to the Netherlands. The cost of bus tours through the Netherlands in 2016

Bus tours to the Netherlands

Bus tours to the Netherlands

Netherlands - a mysterious and fascinating country,who lives in the spirit of modern times. Every year millions of tourists flock here, who want to see with their own eyes what is considered illegal in their own country. Holland impregnated freedom and luxury. Rest in this country for many tourists is considered to be must-see destination.

In the Netherlands on the bus

Bus tours have long been on Europe's citiespopular, and most importantly, affordable form of recreation. And yet there are people who are still afraid of traveling by RV, considering it cumbersome and inconvenient task. Today travel companies offer their customers a trip in a comfortable bus with a minimum of night journeys.

Each day that the road is converted intoamazing little trip. Most often on the way to Holland tourists passing Poland and Germany, which means that they are able to further see and appreciate the beauty of new places.

Another unquestionable advantage of a trip tobus - mobility tourists. Even for a short period of time you can see a huge number of attractions and an experienced guide you interested in legends and stories.

Where to go and what to see in the Netherlands

Bus tours to the Netherlands is required to includein his route Amsterdam - the capital of the country. Here you can see what many people do not speak out loud. City will be enjoyed by lovers of nightlife, as well as those who came "in search of adventure." However, "Red Light District" and numerous night clubs are not the main sights of the city.

The main part of the cultural wealth of the country to be in the capital. That is why the historical center of the city included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

What attracts tourists in the Netherlands:

  • The amazing natural beauty. In the Netherlands, a great number of national parks, and if you go on a tour in the spring, you can see firsthand the "business card" of the country - huge fields of tulips.
  • Countless museums, original andclassic. After visiting some of the schools, you will forever change your view of the cultural center. The country has a museum dedicated to the soap, beer, bags, cheese, cats, and even sex.
  • The ancient city of The Hague and the village of Zaanse Schans, where all the inhabitants are always national clothes and wooden shoes.
  • An infinite number of canals and rivers, as well as the famous Dutch fishermen. They are famous for a peculiar manner Fishing: Catch the Fish treated the wound and returned to the reservoir.

Visit all of the unique place it is possible, by selecting a suitable route bus tour. A good company and interesting excursions make your vacation a memorable one.

Photos of bus tours in the Netherlands

  • Bus tours to the Netherlands

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