The capital of South Holland: map, photo. What is the capital of South Holland?

The capital of South Holland

The capital of South Holland

The administrative center of the province of South Holland- The Hague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here sits the United Nations tribunal and the residence of the King of the Netherlands and the Government. For tourists, the capital of South Holland is of interest as a city where are concentrated many architectural and historical monuments of XVII-XIX centuries.

Useful details

  • To get to the capital of South Holland easiestvia Rotterdam or Amsterdam, from which airports to The Hague can be reached by train or car. Trains to the city come from the Dutch cities, and from other EU countries.
  • Hague Public transport is represented bybuses and trams. Most advantageous to buy a travel card, not limiting the number of trips for the whole day. If the plans of tourists - a few days in the capital of South Holland, it makes sense to purchase a multi-day ticket.
  • Exchange currency in The Hague can be in any bank orat the post office, where the most favorable rate. Hour currency exchange is offered in private exchange offices, train stations and hotels, but less interesting conditions.

Girl with Earring

The famous Dutch painter Vermeer wrotehis "Girl with a Pearl Earring" in the middle of the XVII century. According to one version, the canvas depicts the artist's daughter. The picture is called the Dutch Mona Lisa and priceless creation in the capital of South Holland, in the Gallery Mauritshuis. The museum offers a rich and exhibition of paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens, and he is located in a small mansion of the XVII century. A small palace was built sometime in the residence of the governor as Mauritz, who ruled the Brazilian colonial possessions.
Fans of contemporary art will present The Haguethe joy of meeting with Piet Mondrian masterpieces on display in the town museum, and those who are more physicist than a lyricist, like "Muzeon" in the educational center.

toy kingdom

One of the favorite attractions for youngtourists in the Hague - the city of Madurodam. The park, which contains 25 times smaller copies of the most important and famous architectural monuments of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, tells the history of the country and demonstrates the achievements of hard-working Dutch in various spheres of life. City Park will introduce guests to the provinces of the country and will provide an opportunity to take a walk on the tiny locks, dams and bridges.


  • The capital of South Holland
  • The capital of South Holland

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