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Dutch Culture

Dutch Culture

It is small in size European statealways attracted the dreamy views of travelers. "Blame" to not only the mill, coffeeshops and a field of tulips, but also extremely rich culture of the Netherlands, the country that gave the world of Rembrandt, Descartes and Anne Frank.

School of The Hague

At the mention of the Netherlands come to mindmagnificent paintings of artists whose work is related to a single school. It is known as the Hague and is an art association, which arose in the Netherlands in the XIX century. The school has had a noticeable impact on the art in the country, and its most famous representative was the Vincent van Gogh.
Fabrics of other prominent Dutch can be seen in the exposition of the best museums in the world. Most popular galleries are located in the capital, Rotterdam and The Hague:

  • Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam, where for two decades he lived and worked great painter. As the main exhibits presented graphic works of the artist and his etchings.
  • Museum Boijmans van Banning - one of the largestDutch art galleries in Rotterdam. It offers visitors the work of Bosch, Rembrandt, Rubens, Kandinsky and Dalí. Among the exhibited masterpieces - the work of Pieter Bruegel the "Little Tower of Babel", written in 1563.
  • Amsterdam City Museum presents all kinds of art. Its unique exhibits - paintings by Monet, Picasso, Chagall and Cezanne.


That's the number of objects in this country organizationUNESCO considered worthy of the World Cultural Heritage list. Dutch Culture evolved over the centuries, contributed to its formation and brought architects, sculptors, painters, and musicians. Architectural monuments in a small area of ​​Holland placed a high density, and therefore in the list of protected sites hit entire neighborhoods and cities.
Especially valuable for posterity represent Harborand the historical part of the city of Willemstad, the old fortifications in the capital, schokland island with its church-museum, XVII century, a system of canals in Amsterdam.

About daily bread

No less important part of Dutch culture has becomeand national cuisine. Its dishes are made mostly of fish and seafood, and the famous Dutch cheese has become a world famous brand for many decades ago. The most popular varieties of cheese for export and loved by the Dutch - "Adam", "Maasdam", "Gouda" and "Leerdam".


  • Dutch Culture
  • Dutch Culture

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