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Netherlands Holidays

Netherlands Holidays

The Netherlands is rightly called a country of tulips. Guests of the country will certainly celebrate the splendor of a lush floral diversity. In addition aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the beauty of flora, a lot of fun and bring visitors and local people participated in various festivals and celebrations, for which this country is particularly generous. Holidays Netherlands, what are they?

Days cyclist

Netherlands have traditionally been considered a country notonly tulips, but also bicycles. That is why the celebrations accompany Biker Days, held annually in early May. From all corners of the world in the Netherlands attracts lovers of this sport to take part in competitions. By tradition, all the inhabitants of the country these days move around only by bicycle. And in each city are organized folk festivals, bike races and a variety of exhibitions.

Parade of boats

At the end of the twentieth century for the first time in the Netherlands took placeParade of boats, which was planned as the logical conclusion of the parade of gays. But since then, over the years uzhe15 annually August 2 Amsterdam Mayor opens the parade.

Spectators are located along the coast, on the bridges. Brightly decorated boats and barges filled with dancing people. Each boat is represented by a separate issue: the police, the military, etc. In the cities at that time organized the site, which are a variety of contests, competitions and theatrical performances.

Flower Parade in Amsterdam

Justifying its name of the country of tulips,Netherlands amaze guests enchanting procession called parade colors. This incredibly beautiful event held on the first weekend of September each year for half a century.

Holiday starts on Thursday evening in the city,where the largest flower market, the creation of flower arrangements in the carnival platforms. Then all this splendor floristry Saturday morning starts to move to Amsterdam to the town center, where the main concert passes. Festival takes place in the Amsterdam and its suburbs.

St. Nicolas day

One of the most interesting national holidaysThe Netherlands is the Day of St. Nicholas. The indigenous people of the country believe December 6 more significant in importance than the New Year or Christmas, so celebrate it very magnificently.

Long before, it begins preparations forupcoming celebration: bought gifts that secretly daryatsya close on the night of December 6, for kids prepare fresh pastries, pretzels, chocolate letters. On the streets of cities in this day people arrange festive procession. His religious component data practically lost, and the holiday is considered to be more than a secular than religious.


  • Netherlands Holidays
  • Netherlands Holidays
  • Netherlands Holidays

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