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Netherlands Railways

Netherlands Railways

Trains in the Netherlands are an integral and indispensable part of life. They connect the inner city districts and towns. It is the most accessible and convenient form of transport.

Netherlands Railways operateideally. Trains run frequently, so passengers do not have to wait at the stations. The carriages have a space of the first and second class. In the first class person gets comfortable seating. Tickets for the second class of cheaper, which is reflected in the level of comfort.

The device of the railway system

In the Netherlands, the railways unite allregions, but the most intensive movement occurs near the capital. Many lines are in the periphery from the center of the country. The main route starts in Amsterdam, passing through Schiphol Airport and ends in Belgium.

Advance train tickets in this countryacquire. They are bought at the train station, just before departing staff. railway tickets prices depend on the length of the road and are fixed. The site of the Netherlands railway roads -, presented the schedule of trains. You can see the prices and routes. Hourly trains from Amsterdam to any area of ​​the state.

The largest cities are concentrated in the metropolitan areaRandstad, so there trains depart every 10 minutes. Dance compositions shuttle from Rotterdam via Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. For 3 hours by train you can reach the most remote communities of the Netherlands. Buses in the country is much less than the train, as they can not compete with the railroad. Dutch Any station can be identified by the logo NS, as the railways of the Netherlands called Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

The railway network has a length of 2,800 km. Virtually all the lines are electrified. The country applies a standard European track width.

What train are used

Netherlands trains are divided into ambulances -sneltreinen and trains - stoptreinen. Trains ply, making a lot of stops. Intercity trains are also used - express or fastest compositions. train doors open after clicking on the button next to the exit.

Most popular are the Netherlandsinternational lines, allowing to travel to neighboring countries. For example, there can be over 4 hours 10 minutes in Paris. Fast trains coming from the Netherlands to Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin and other cities.

Permanent residents of the country are available on the train travel - Dalurenkaart, with a 40% discount on any trip. This ticket costs 55 euros.


  • Netherlands Railways
  • Netherlands Railways

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