Dutch Kitchen: photos, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine of the Netherlands

Dutch Kitchen

Dutch Kitchen

Kitchen Netherlands - are simple dishes with a memorable pleasant taste: they are satisfying, are plain and peasant-style thoroughly.

The national cuisine of the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, premium fish and seafood: the most traditional dish is called "Haring", which is a salted herring with pickled cucumber and onion (herring take the tip, throws back his head back and drop the fish into the mouth). In addition, the herring is eaten with a variety of cereals, potatoes and vegetable garnish. From fish dishes you can eat perch stewed with vegetables, smoked eel, egg and lemon, fried fish balls, and from the meat - sausages "vorstes", stewed pork leg, meat croquettes, fried in deep fat. A sweet tooth should look to small pancakes with butter and powdered sugar ( "poffertes") and round waffles with caramel filling ( "stroopwafel").

Popular Dutch specialties:

  • "Erten-soup" (soup, which add smoked sausage and split peas);
  • "Stamppot" (dish made of grated vegetables with mashed potatoes);
  • "Hutspot" (dish of braised beef with mashed vegetables as potatoes, carrots and onions);
  • "Kipsate" (a dish as small chicken barbeque with hot peanut sauce);
  • "Hutspot" (stew of meat, potatoes, onions and carrots).

Where to try the national cuisine?

With a snack in the Netherlands no one theredifficulties (in a pinch, you can use the services of street stalls and cafes at gas stations), which can not be said about the quality and useful food - even in the capital is not so easy to find restaurants exclusively with local cuisine. Tipping in local institutions are left optional (you can leave 5-10% of the total invoice amount).

In Amsterdam, you can satisfy your hunger in a restaurantDutch cuisine "The Pantry", where guests are treated to bake minced meat, mashed potatoes, onions and cauliflower; croquettes of goat cheese with arugula and honey-mustard sauce; hutspot and other traditional dishes.

Cooking classes in the Netherlands

In Amsterdam, you can visit the culinarymaster classes on smoked eel - Dutch delicacy (on entertaining 2-3 hour seminar wishing to reveal the subtleties of cooking and allow to cook it yourself). Boutique Hotel "The College Hotel" (Amsterdam), sometimes pleases guests cooking classes, where they, together with the chef preparing the Dutch herring and other popular dishes.

The trip to the Netherlands is possible to conduct podgadatCulinary Festival "Preuvenement" (August, Maastricht), food and drinks where you can get coupons for special preuvenelap, or hemp Festival (November, Amsterdam), which will offer visitors to get acquainted with hemp food.


  • Dutch Kitchen
  • Dutch Kitchen
  • Dutch Kitchen

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