Subway in the Netherlands: the scheme, description, photos

Metro in Holland

Metro in Holland

Among all forms of public transport Metro in Holland enjoys continued popularity and the guests and the residents of his city of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Royal subway

Subway in Amsterdam was officially launched in1977 operation in the year. Its network is above ground and underground, and use the subway can not only residents and guests of the capital of the Netherlands itself, but also those who have to go to the suburbs Diemen, Amstelveen and Deyvendreht.
Build the Amsterdam Metro decided in 1968. The plan called for laying four lines that were to replace obsolete and outdated trams. Builders brilliantly coped with the task, and soon the first passengers came down into the ground and used the services of the first metro in the Netherlands.

Statistics knows everything

  • The length of the Amsterdam metro lines is more than 42 kilometers.
  • Four metro line are red, yellow, green and orange markings on the public transport scheme of the Dutch capital.
  • Passengers can use the services of 52 stations.
  • Orange, red and yellow threads begin at the Central railway station of the city.

Transfer station in the subway Hollandlocated in Amsterdam, is not provided. The largest number of stops located on the orange and green branches. Plan of Amsterdam provided for the construction and commissioning in 2017 of the fifth subway route. Blue branch will take place from the north-east of the city center and its passengers will have at their disposal eight new subway stations.
Rotterdam Metro is represented by two branches,that have a station for transfer. Blue route connects the railway station with the suburban area of ​​Rotterdam Spijkenisse. Red - connects the area with the city center of Rotterdam and Schiedam. The main task of the underground in the Netherlands - to transport between the city and the residential area. In the heart of Rotterdam, its residents and visitors prefer other forms of public transport whose stops are located close to the memorable and historical places.

Prepare your tickets!

The fare on the subway Holland made withvia ticketing, common to all forms of public transport. They are sold and the bus driver or the tram and in automatic ticket offices at underground stations. Cheaper to buy strippenkarty 15 combined trips or tickets to tourists. The latter give the right not only to travel on favorable terms, but also to visit the major museums.

Photo Metro in Holland

  • Metro in Holland
  • Metro in Holland
  • Metro in Holland

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