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Outlets Netherlands

Outlets Netherlands

Tulips, windmills, coffeeshops and holidayherring - a list of Dutch landmarks known to any tourist. Most well advanced and experienced know yet and a couple of addresses outlets Netherlands, selling not only souvenirs, but also hundreds of names of products from the best manufacturers from around the world.

Fungal place

170 brands world-famous presented atOutlet shopping areas of the Netherlands, located at the address: Stadsweide 2 6041 TD Roermond. He called Designer Outlet Roermond and is easy to get here from any of the Dutch city. For example, from Antwerp need to follow the E34 highway in the direction of Eindhoven, where the roll on the road A2 to Maastricht. Then, on the A73 motorway will have to drive to the town of Roermond, where pointers and lead to the center of the Dutch trading sink.
This outlet of the Netherlands opens on weekdays at10.00 and is open until 19.00. On Saturday and Sunday shop pleases customers a little longer - from 10 am to 8 pm. Among the brands - the real fashion monsters. FENDI handbag and footwear from PRADA side by side on the shelves of Designer Outlet Roermond with perfume from ARMANI, dress by Calvin Klein and chic footwear by Baldinini. It offers customers products Alberto Guardiani, ALCOTT, Antony Morato, Burberry, VALENTINO and Sergio Rossi.
40 km from Rotterdam buyers waiting for anotherOutlet Holland, whose popularity has long crossed the country's borders. In Batavia Stad Outlet come on the motorway A17, and its exact coordinates - Rosada 704,703 TB Roosendaal. This center is open seven days a week, drain of trade from 10.00 to 18.00 without a break, and dozens of boutiques, presented in their popular brands and enable convenient infrastructure shopaholic satisfy their hunger in the literal and figurative sense.

Good news

  • Discounts on the territory of the Netherlands outlets reach 70%, regardless of the time of year. Christmas and summer sales allow buy your favorite thing with even more profitably.
  • Update range usually occurs in the evening of Thursday, and therefore the most effective time for shopping - Friday.
  • Buyers Tax Free, Outlets Netherlandsallow the country to return to non-resident portion of the consideration paid in the form of the amount of VAT on the return crossing the border. The amount of tax can make more than 10%, but because it makes sense during shopping ask the cashier to issue a special check presentation to its customs.


  • Outlets Netherlands
  • Outlets Netherlands

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