The population of the Netherlands. The population in the Netherlands: features, density, composition

Netherlands Population

Netherlands Population

The Netherlands has a population of over 16 million people.

National composition:

  • Dutch and Flemish;
  • other nations (Turks, Germans, Jews, Indians, Moroccans).

The Dutch mainly inhabit the central, northern and eastern parts of the country, the Flemish - province of Brabant and Limburg, friezes - Friesland and Groningen Province.

In the 1st is home to 393 people, but in some areas, population density reaches 850 persons per 1 sq km (especially densely populated area is the largest conurbation Randstad - here lives a third of the Dutch population).

Official language - Dutch, but widespread are German and French.

Big cities: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, Haarlem, Leiden, Voleydam, Zaandam.

Netherlands residents profess Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

life expectancy

On average, the inhabitants of the Netherlands live up to 80 years (male population lives to 78, and women - 83 years).

To achieve excellent performance Netherlands failedby decent contributions for health care - more than $ 5,000 per year for 1 person. In addition, the Dutch little smoke - 5 times less than the Russians. Despite the fact that for days the Dutch feed mainly cold snacks (sandwiches), the obesity rate in the country is quite low - only 11% (the average in Europe the figure is 18%). With regard to alcohol, the Dutch consume mainly alcoholic beverages (the Netherlands included in the 30-ku countries in terms of alcohol consumption).

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of the Netherlands

Netherlands - interesting country, where prostitution is legal, consumption and sale of soft drugs, gay marriage and euthanasia.

Almost all Dutch families have houses withsmall courtyards, which are installed sculptures, tables and chairs, flowers. In addition, the Netherlands has not adopted zashtorivat window in the house (the owners do not hide anything from others).

Of particular importance in the life of the Dutch is bornchildren. When a new family member, a Dutch dad sets in the yard of a stork with a baby, which he makes available tools. In addition, when a baby on the light in Holland decided to send postcards to relatives and friends, which reported on this joyous event.

Dutch - good-natured and friendly people: they always greet (in the park, shop, bus), and may even start a casual conversation on the street or in a cafe. But when visiting the Netherlands, not to be disrespectful to the citizens of color (it can be seen as racism, that at least would entail administrative penalties).


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