Provinces of the Netherlands: photo card. Areas of the Netherlands

Netherlands Provinces

Netherlands Provinces

Strict and stately old streets,Rotterdam's famous museums and the most famous Keukenhof gardens in Europe, the feeling of complete freedom and spicy glory of Amsterdam has long found its fans and admirers, paved paths to Holland from all over the world.

Different provinces of the Netherlands waiting for new tourists and dream of expanding their possibilities and limits, as happened with the province of Flevoland, which appeared not long ago in drained areas.

In the water environment

The province, which has the name of South Holland, on theactually I found refuge in the west of the country. Its territory located between the North Sea and the rivers Rhine and Maas. Some cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam, gained worldwide fame, others - adored and loved by locals.

Hague known, primarily those that areIt is the world center of justice and justice - the Hague Tribunal, which allowed the most complex issues of modern politics. View of the building are going to crowds of tourists. Another important object of attention of visitors to the city has become the Municipal Museum of The Hague, the repository of ancient artifacts and works of art.

On the territory of South Holland are otherinstitutions that preserve the monuments of history and culture, is actively visited by guests of the Provincial museum in Rotterdam, Leiden. The last town is also known for its beautiful botanical garden.

Province exiled aristocrats

Utrecht, which occupies a small areaterritory, keeps a lot of mysteries and secrets. There are a lot of lakes, which is constructed on the basis of recreation for locals and visitors, swimming, boating, fishing and picnics on the banks - among the most favorite entertainment.

There are secluded places, where luxury preservedMansions. However, in the Middle Ages, the inhabitants were not very pleased with their place of residence, as in Utrecht exiled representatives of noble families, which caused displeasure of the authorities.

The name of the province and the capital of the same. Guests of the main city of Utrecht meets exquisite architectural complex, whose name translates as "The Castle on the doorstep of the city." Throughout its history, the city happened to be destroyed and restored again several times. Preserved unique channels, built in the XIII century.

During the summer, Utrecht filled with voicestourists and participants of various musical events, the most significant of which is the Jazz Festival. In September comes the turn of film students and enthusiasts, as it is here is the biggest municipality students.

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  • Netherlands Provinces
  • Netherlands Provinces
  • Netherlands Provinces

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