The sea in the Netherlands. North Sea in Holland

The sea in the Netherlands

The sea in the Netherlands

Coast of northern Europe and, in particular,Kingdom of the Netherlands the North Sea. It is quite shallow and belongs to the Atlantic Ocean basin. Sea in Holland formerly known as the German and the most shallow part of the south sometimes allocated a separate Wadden Sea.

Statistics knows everything

In terms of numbers the North Sea can be described quite briefly:

  • Its coastline stretches for six thousand kilometers, with 450 kilometers - is the coast of the Netherlands.
  • The average depth of the sea in the Netherlands - 95 meters, and the maximum - 725 meters. Depth two-thirds of the area of ​​the reservoir reaches 100 meters.
  • Indicator of water in the North Sea soundsimpressive enough - 94 thousand cubic meters.. km, but in fact it is small compared to other water bodies of the world. The reason - the relative shallowness and a small area of ​​750 thousand sq. M. km.
  • A third of the territory of the Kingdom stands above the sea level is not more than a meter, and another 40% and all are located below ground level.

In the North Sea a few large rivers flow, the most famous among them - the Rhine, the Elbe and the Thames. Major ports world-Sea in the Netherlands - Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

People against the sea

North Sea in Holland for centuries resistspeople, attacking the coast of the country's devastating waves. The industrious Dutch not only concede a single inch of land elements, but also win back her new territory with the help of dams and trees and land reclamation "Delta Plan" program. It involves windmills, pumping sea water and lowland swamps and salty transforming the territory into fertile fields.
Reconquered land called polders. For several decades, the implementation of reclamation programs Sea in Holland was forced to part with 4.5 thousand sq. M. km. their territories. One of the main achievements of the people in the country in the 1930-1950 years of the last century - the draining of the Gulf and the creation of the earth formed the whole province named Flevoland.
In the Kingdom there is a saying that God created the sea, and the Dutch coast, and those who know the country, it does not seem an exaggeration.


  • The sea in the Netherlands
  • The sea in the Netherlands

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