Shopping in Holland, description, photos

Shopping in Holland

Shopping in Holland

A significant part of any holiday shopping takes. Each nice to bring from the trip souvenirs and gifts to friends and loved ones and remember the best moments of travel with a glass of the national drink. What and where to buy in the Netherlands and what rules it is desirable to observe, to buy long to please its owner? What subtlety shopping in the Netherlands worth knowing, and if there is universal advice for fans of this type of holiday?

Select store

Dutch striking variety of shopssizes and shapes. There is a huge and Designer Outlet, and tiny souvenir shops with authentic products. In a country of windmills are noisy flea markets and hide behind invisible doors antiques shops. Small towns and huge metropolises ready to offer its guests the best of everything, the hallmarks of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Useful things

  • The vast majority of Dutch storesopen Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am. On Monday, they start to work later in the morning. Watch the closing - 17.30-18.00, except Thursdays when you can stay with shopping until 9 pm. Sunday most of all - a day off, and therefore postpone the shopping in the Netherlands at the very end of the week is not recommended.
  • Large sale, during which it makes sense to rely on the decent prices, occur after the Christmas holidays in the middle of summer.
  • The most popular shops for shopping in the Netherlandsthe locals - Supermarket chains M & S, H & M, C & A, Steps, Cool Cat, Miss Etam and WE. Update range they occur several times in a season, the goods produced in small batches, so you can count on a good quality and even a certain exclusivity. In addition, the range of these stores is designed for a variety of age groups and a wide range of sizes.
  • It is possible to carry fashionable Bijenkorf department stores network and the traditional with reasonable prices and pleasant quality - Hema.

VAT return

By purchasing goods worth more than 50 euros,Foreign tourists can always count on a refund of value added tax in the area of ​​customs control at the exit from the country. To 17.5% per cent of the time spent back in the family budget, it is necessary to maintain buying packaged form and attach it to the cashier's checks.


  • Shopping in Holland
  • Shopping in Holland
  • Shopping in Holland

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