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Tours in Rotterdam

Tours in Rotterdam

Rotterdam port until recently consideredthe largest in the world, and the city is the second largest in the Netherlands. It is situated at the mouth of a tributary of the North Sea, the river Nieuwe Maas, and its rapid flowering is entirely due to the favorable geographical position. Modern European traveler to reserve tours in Rotterdam for several reasons, among them - the opportunity to admire the futuristic architecture, relax in the coffee-shop and a full break in nightclubs, to visit each of which is not enough for a lifetime.

Historical transformation

Get in the middle of the XIV century by CountDutch city status settlement Rotterdam, a former hitherto fishing village quickly lived up to his trust. It became the largest port in the North Sea, the town in the XVII century unexpectedly even to himself was at the crossroads of waterways from Europe to Asia. World fame has overtaken Rotterdam, and with the introduction of a channel system for the passage of ocean-going vessels, it has turned into a seaport on a planetary scale.
The modern metropolis is visited annually aboutfour million who want to join the culture and history of the Netherlands, and tours in Rotterdam are no less popular than in the other cities of the Old World.

Why join?

In addition to the traditional program visits in whichinvariably included some unusual tasting coffee in coffee shops and a couple of hundred names of drinks in clubs, Rotterdam guest can join the Dutch attractions of a different kind. For example, visit the Harbour Museum, where about half a million items related to the sea and all that is connected with it.
Lucky, book tours in Rotterdamthe end of July, will plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of the Caribbean Carnival .... Zomercarnaval capable surprise variegated colors and incendiary music, while the mood will be quite match the Cuban or Dominican rhythms.

Not hot under the sun

The climate in Rotterdam cool enough, andHigh humidity and wind - unmistakable signs that the holiday is held in the Netherlands. The winter is mild, the snow is very rare, and even the thermometer rarely drop below 0. The heat of the summer night in January to wait for the difficult and core temperature values ​​July and August do not exceed 22. However, during the summer tour to Rotterdam, many travelers manage to get to the beaches along the river and sunbathe there for your pleasure.


  • Tours in Rotterdam
  • Tours in Rotterdam

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