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Tradition Holland

Tradition Holland

The world knows the Dutch as a hardworking, stubborn,attentive and niggardly few people in the country, reclaimed from the sea portion of their land and to create for them one of the twelve provinces. Their everyday life is not much different from other Europeans everyday life: work, study, birth and parenting. But there is a special tradition of the Netherlands, the knowledge of which will help in traveling to any tourist.

Holidays and traditions

Holland celebrates Christmas and New Year, Easter andLiberation Day, as well as many European countries. But the own holidays in the country are most clearly and beautifully, which makes the most popular tours in the Kingdom of the Netherlands on these dates:

• On April 30 - Queen's Birthday. This festival transforms the streets of cities in the bright orange of the river. Noisy, fun, alcohol.
• Beginning of June - the feast of herring. At this time the schooner moor in ports of the country with the first catch fresh pickled herring. Auctions. Special rules of eating.
• The fourth Saturday of April - in holiday colorsHolland. Procession, like carnival, moving in cities throughout the country and throughout the 80-kilometer run holiday string welcome hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators. Bright. Flower.

By the way, the residents of the Netherlands are not willing to celebrateOnly royal birthdays. The appearance of the child's own father welcomed the creation on the front lawn installation with storks and RSSI and sending postcards with the joyful news. In response to want to visit a happy family and a present.
Happy birthday of family members andclose - the holy tradition of the Netherlands. Not to forget about anyone in the toilet attached special calendar with reminders. Strange structures and notification - Dutch chip. For example, if the front of the house on a pole with the flag of the country's school bag is attached, then a representative of the younger generation living here just successfully passed the final exams.


One of the long-standing Dutch tradition - to celebrate insecond Sunday in May Mother's Day, and on the third Sunday in June - Father's Day. These holidays - an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and demonstrate love for their parents. In the shops these days can happen special discounts, and in restaurants - lovely surprises for moms and dads.
By the way, soon to become residents of the parentskingdom in no hurry. 35 years - the average age when they begin to acquire the heirs. Dutch women, by Russian standards, is not too look after themselves and almost overlooked appearance, and the men, however, are very attentive to them and to the children and even take responsibility for the care of sick baby, if the wife works.


  • Tradition Holland
  • Tradition Holland
  • Tradition Holland

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