A trip to the Netherlands

A trip to the Netherlands

A trip to the Netherlands

State of The Netherlands is often calledHolland, which is known for its more than democratic attitude to soft drugs. But we must remember that the Netherlands is only one of the provinces of this beautiful kingdom. A visit to the Netherlands - it is an opportunity to admire the medieval castles, vast flower fields and windmills.

Public transport

In the city introduced a single transportsystem including bus, tram and trolleybus lines. Cities have internal zonal division and travel voucher must be composted every time you cross the border of the new transport zone. At night, the fare payment increases.

Ticket price for a single journey (validhour) is equal to 1.5 euros. It is therefore much more profitable to buy a reusable ticket: it contains 15 coupons, which cost 5 euros. You can also buy one-day tickets (price 6 euros) and a single transport, designed for use within 9 days for 22-30 euros.

On the territory of Amsterdam you can travel on buses and trams. Also, there are four lines of "underground" and the same ferry.

If necessary, you can use the services ofTaxi. The car can be ordered by calling or taking on a dedicated parking lot. The cost of travel is composed as follows: 2 euros for landing; additional payment for each kilometer traveled around 1-1.5 euros.

The inhabitants of the kingdom are very fond of useas a means of transportation bicycles. Their total number is even higher than the total number of people living in the country. On the roads there are special lanes for cyclists, and on almost every street corner - bicycle parking.


The main complex, while the airport of the Netherlands -Schiphol. Here land aircraft engaged on international flights and domestic flights. If necessary, you can use the storage chambers, to obtain the necessary information and to take advantage of renting a cell phone.

From the airport to the capital, there is a free city bus.

Railway transport

According to the country's rail shuttle train modern, strictly adhere to the stated timetable. The transportation is carried out mainly trains the company Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

In the major cities of the country go to the trainintervals of 15-30 minutes. Key nodal interchanges - Amsterdam and Utrecht. The bulk of the train belongs to the "fast" category. There are regional formulations make stops at all stations (Stoptrein).

On the type of train fare no effectIt does not have. Any additional payments are also absent. This fare is quite low. If you plan to make a large amount of travel, you should use the travel pass "Evrodomino Netherlands."


  • A trip to the Netherlands
  • A trip to the Netherlands
  • A trip to the Netherlands

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