Visa Holland (Netherlands) - for a visa to Holland

Visa for Netherlands

Visa for Netherlands

Kingdom of the Netherlands is a member of the European Unionand to visit its territory of the Russian Federation citizens need a Schengen visa. The required package of documents can be represented in general consulate or visa centers on their own or use the services of a travel agency. In any case, a visa to the Netherlands will require the personal presence of the applicant, if the passport is not decorated with two "Schengen", issued during the last three years.

Collect documents

Set required to obtain a visa to Hollanddocuments is standard and can be specified in any travel agency, or at the consulate website visa centers. If the application for a visa made a citizen of Russia alone, the package of documents must be attached:

  • The policy of voluntary health insurance,acting on the territory of the Schengen zone. The insurance must have minimum coverage of 30 thousand. Euro. To the original policy should be accompanied by a photocopy of the original.
  • Air or train tickets round trip onspecific dates and hotel reservation in which the visa applicant in the Netherlands is planning to stay in the country. If the path of the traveler is expected following several stops in different cities and countries, to other documents enclosed confirmed reservation of hotels.

Money Talks

All kinds of Schengen visas cost the same. The consular fee is 35 Euro and must be paid in Russian rubles when they apply for a visa to Holland. If for any reason a visa is refused, the money will not be returned. If a visa is not served at the consulate, and the Visa Center, the applicant will have to pay another 1,000 rubles for the processing of documents.
Visa fees are not paid, students andstudents of schools and colleges that are sent to the Kingdom of the Netherlands for training or if their trip is an educational goal. Proof can serve as a certificate, certified by the director of the institution. From payment of duty are also exempt close relatives of EU citizens, children under 6 years and scientists whose goal of the visit to the Netherlands - research work. If the visa in Holland require a close relative of a Russian citizen who has resided lawfully in the territory of the kingdom, the visa fee to such competitor as will be charged.


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