New Zealand Capital: card photo. What is the capital of New Zealand?

Wellington - the capital of New Zealand

Wellington - the capital of New Zealand

For many of these islands are virtuallyend of the world. But there are people, proud of their country and warmly welcome guests. Wellington, capital of New Zealand, is always in the spotlight, surprise, happy, delighted.

The main city of New Zealand has a lot ofbeautiful and funny names, invented by locals and visiting tourists. It is called the head of the fish of Maui, the Windy City and Poneke, Grand Bay and the capital-bay.

The Duke of Wellington

Outstanding British general Arthur Wellesley,former concurrently Duke of Wellington, is involved in the fact that on the world map, a new capital city named in his honor. As Arthur Wellesley is the winner of the Battle of Waterloo, then, of course, the inhabitants living in the capital city of New Zealand, hoping only to win in all cases. At the very least, to win the hearts of travelers they manage without difficulty.

The capital of thousands of bridges

Indeed, bridges, viaducts and tunnels occupyimportant place in the infrastructure of the city, many of them serve as the country's major attractions. Traveling around the city, many tourists say a large amount of greenery in the streets, the presence of parks and public gardens.
But the urban architecture of at leastattractive to tourists. The first stop on a journey to Wellington for many becomes building, which is located to the Parliament. The construction is an impressive monument to the history of New Zealand, has a circular shape, so it was christened the hive. It is not only members of parliament sit, but walking tourists. Almost every day here meet tourists.

Opposite Houses of Parliament located at leastbeautiful building. Previously, the New Zealand Government is in session, but the highlight of the house in the other - it is built of wood, and is the second largest in the world.

Wellington - the city of unusual museums

New Zealand appears to many distinctivea mystery, but even more surprised by the country and its capital of its museums. Very much they are unusual, especially in comparison with its European and American "colleagues." The most famous museum institution Wellington: «Te Papa», welcomes guests to an unusual journey; "Pataca" Museum. The first of these museums are familiar with local exotic fauna, such as emu and molluscs, will feel the tremors of the earthquake. The peculiarity of the museum - the existence of different programs for children and adults, as well as the fact that it is free for all categories of visitors. "Pataca" could be considered quite familiar museum of culture and art, as demonstrated brilliant masterpieces of local painters and sculptors. But in addition to the standard art exhibition in the museum is the "Farm melodies", a private Japanese garden for meditation and a huge library.


  • Wellington - the capital of New Zealand
  • Wellington - the capital of New Zealand
  • Wellington - the capital of New Zealand

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