Christmas in New Zealand, traditions, photo. How to celebrate Christmas in New Zealand in 2016

Christmas in New Zealand

Christmas in New Zealand

Do you want to turn all the traditions upside down and meet the winter holidays in the summer calendar? Then your choice - Christmas in New Zealand!
Best family holiday is usually celebrated fordinner in a circle of friends and relatives. Traditional dishes in the evening: ham, baked with herbs, meat and fish cooked on a barbecue area, and plenty of local wine, which in these latitudes is particularly successful.
Celebrate Christmas in New Zealand Steelthe arrival of immigrants from Europe, and became little more than a hundred years ago, the official holiday on this day. Nevertheless, the tradition grew, and today the town and villages in the remote islands are transformed with the coming holidays.
In the southern hemisphere in December, at the height of summer, but because the beach season is raging in full. However, in addition to swimming and lying on the beaches of the country is ready to offer travelers hundreds of other interesting activities.

Around the water ...

The main element of the New Zealand landscape - waterin all its manifestations. On the coast, the ocean roars approximately, in the depths of the islands picked up the baton to lakes and waterfalls. Another important component of water - geysers. Rotorua Thermal Area near the capital is very popular among the guests of the North Island.
The land is parched and covered with underground heathot steam. For tourists invented game, the essence of which is to prepare the fish for a couple. After your meal, you can walk in the relic forest nearby tree trunks in which you can embrace only joined hands with ten men!

Lord of the rings and trees

Fans of the cult film "The Lord of the Rings"be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate Christmas in New Zealand and visit the Shire, where they filmed their favorite picture. It retained a hobbit hole, and the landscapes are the same fantastic, like in the movies.
Interested architectural masterpieces makea lot of memorable photos in Wellington. Government Palace in the capital city is the second largest in the world among the buildings constructed of wood. Giant looks and Sky Tower Tauro, shot up into the heavenly blue at 328 meters.
Christmas in New Zealand - it's a greatopportunity to get acquainted with the unique islands, so unlike other regions of the planet. The symbols of the country there are a kiwi bird, which even depicted on the banknotes. The official languages ​​other than English on the islands taken adverb Maori and sign language of deaf-mutes. Already on this fact it can be concluded that in New Zealand comfortably everyone.

Photos of Christmas in New Zealand

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  • Christmas in New Zealand
  • Christmas in New Zealand
  • Christmas in New Zealand

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