Coat of arms of New Zealand: photo, value, description,

Coat of arms of New Zealand

Coat of arms of New Zealand

It is clear that without the intervention of the European emblemNew Zealand may not have appeared for a long time. Due to the great geographical discoveries of the Middle Ages, the foot of the white man came, and on this blessed land of distant islands. Coming under the protectorate of the United Kingdom, the New Zealanders took the path of development imposed by guests from the other hemisphere. It explicitly says the official symbol, as its elements, you can guess the influence of Europe and to a lesser degree the national colors.

Behind the scenes stories

Until 1911 the coats of arms of the British Empire and the NewZealand were identical. On receipt of dominion status in 1907 raised the question of the development of a new character, and even carried out the corresponding competition. But the main character was the version that was provided by George V, King of Great Britain. Later it has been made small changes, since 1956 the version approved by Queen Elizabeth II.

The coat of arms is a bit pompous (due tothe use of the English monarchy characters) and lush, with different colors, among which it is impossible to name one or two dominant. On the one hand, you can see the gold, yellow, brown, which are associated with the local population, on the other hand, are the main colors of the British flag - blue, red, white.

Elements of the New Zealand Coat of Arms

The most saturated is the central shield, heIt is divided into five unequal fields, each of which presents its own symbols and signs: a constellation of the Southern Cross; The Golden Fleece; wheat sheaf; two hammers.

On the shield is released in the form of the central partvertical white stripes, which are located one above the one sailboats. Ships symbolize the remoteness of New Zealand from all over the world (can be reached only by sea), as it did at the time the first European settlers. Besides, sailboats - maritime trade symbols, one of the important sectors of the economy.

Other economically important symbols are in other parts of the shield. They symbolize: Fleece - cattle, wheat - agriculture, hammers - mining.

Interesting coat of arms from the perspective of selectedchargers. They are not presented in the form of animals, real or fabulous. These are the people on the left is a white woman with a national flag that looks typical Englishwoman late XIX - early. The twentieth century, on the right - native, dressed in traditional costume and armed with a spear. Crowned stamp track gold crown decorated with precious stones.


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