The cost of living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand

Modern inhabitant metropolis dream vacationsurrounded by nature. Looking gorgeous landscapes he is ready to go round half the world. From this viewpoint neighbor Australia - one of the most attractive countries. The cost of living in New Zealand is much lower, but the geysers, mountains and lakes are found at almost every turn.

The second direction of recreation in this country -adventure tourism, there are almost all its forms, ranging from jumping headfirst and ending with skating mountain in transparent bowl. Local hotels take into account the interests of these groups of tourists.

Things to consider tourist

The traveler who has bought a ticket to NewZealand, it is worth thinking about the place of residence. In this country, there is a classification of hotels from 1 * (acceptable) to 5 * (exclusively). To the surprise of tourists, the price has not yet been said about the quality and number of $ 150. It may be several times better than the other, standing three times as much.

The first thing you need to focus not only on the cost when choosing a hotel in the New Zealand resorts, but also on the feedback of those who lived there. There is, to choose from:

  • traditional hotels;
  • guest houses;
  • motels, in no way inferior to hotels;
  • farm, introducing the wrong side of rural life;
  • Hostels.

The second point - in the major tourist centers,for example, Queenstown, many hotels, guests have a choice and the price and quality. Business centers such as Auckland and Wellington, have a much smaller hotel. But at the weekend rooms are cheaper than weekdays.

In the center of tourist events

Mecca of tourists arriving in New Zealand,It becomes Queenstown, where you can admire the infinite ocean scenery, go on a picnic on the farm Grape Mangold or test yourself in all kinds of extreme entertainment.

Apartment 4 * Overlooking the ocean, can be found atarea of ​​150-300 dollars. If you do not hurry up and poizuchat sites, you can find a good accommodation in a similar apartment, but for $ 99. Firstly, the amount of beautiful, and secondly, much lower average prices in the city.

If you try, the 5 * hotel of the famousHilton chains can be found for $ 150. The comfort and service it will be much higher than in the apartment, and for the same price. And the most ridiculous price in the hostel - $ 21, though, the tourist for the money received only a bed in an 8-bed room, and can settle both men and women.


  • The cost of living in New Zealand
  • The cost of living in New Zealand
  • The cost of living in New Zealand

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